Trinity One Stream Mentors

Trinity One is pleased to have Stream Mentors for each of our streams. These students successfully completed Trinity One last year and will be available to offer guidance to this year’s cohort. Stay tuned on twitter @trinityoneinfo and instagram @trinityoneprogram for updates. 


Photo of Nicole Li Nicole Li

Nicole is a second year student studying English and Biology.
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Photo of Lilin Tong Lilin Tong

Lilin is currently a second year student pursuing a specialist in molecular genetics and a minor in philosophy.
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Photo of Omar Alikhan Omar Alikhan

Omar is a second year student at Trinity College, Double Majoring in English and Ethics, Society, and Law, with a Minor in History.
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Photo of Chelsea Tao Chelsea Tao

Chelsea Tao is a second year Ethics, Society, and Law & Criminology student.
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Photo of Amir Azhieh Amir Azhieh

Amir Azhieh is a 2nd year Life Sciences student specializing in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, majoring in Neurosciences, and minoring in chemistry.
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Photo of Rutvij Khanolkar Rutvij Khanolkar

Rutvij is a pursuing a double major in Immunology and Pharmacology, along with a minor in Chemistry.
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Photo of Ivan Hsieh Ivan Hsieh

Ivan is a second year student studying international relations and economics.
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Photo of Sarah Ingle Sarah Ingle

Sarah is a second year student in the International Relations specialist with research interests in cybersecurity, human rights, and international law.
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Photo of Grace Marshall Grace Marshall

Grace Marshall is a second year Trinity College student pursuing a double major in International Relations and Ethics, Society, and Law, and a minor in French as a Second Language.
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Photo of Christopher Sims Christopher Sims

Chris is a second-year student at Trinity College double-majoring in economics and philosophy, where he is primarily interested in political economy, macroeconomics, and political philosophy.
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