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Faith, Art, and Activism

In collaboration with the Church of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields, a mini-festival of events exploring the connections and contradictions among these three fields, from September 7 to October 4.

Religious faith has a long history of engagement with the arts, and with action for social justice. Yet, while these three human concerns can reinforce and deepen each other, they can also exist in tension; and it often seems that at least one of the three must be compromised. In a series of talks, panels, liturgies and artistic performances, co-sponsored by the Church of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields and the Trinity College Chaplaincy, we explore the interactions and contradictions which face those who value all three.

Venues: Trinity College Chapel and Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields, 365 College Street

Admission is free.

Mondays, September 7-28, 7 pm: Bodies & theology – a discussion series
The Incarnation is a fundamental part of our faith, and our own existence as physical, embodied beings must be an important part of our theology and spirituality. But our relation-ship to our own bodies is always complex, messy, and challenging, and the temptation to ignore or denigrate the physical is one which Christianity has often found hard to resist.

Monday, September 7, 7 pm: Bodies & theology 1 We begin with an overview of the importance of the body and embodiment in Christian theology, and some of the theological issues and struggles around this through our history. Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields

Thursday, September 10, 7 pm: Peacemaking and personal transformation Jennifer Yoder of Christian Peacemaker Teams is a social-justice, nonviolence, queer feminist community organizer and activist currently serving as the Communications and Engagement Director for Christian Peace-maker Teams, helping to amplify the voices of partners and CPT teams in Palestine, Colombia, Iraqi Kurdistan, and North America. Trinity College: Larkin Building, Rm 340

Saturday, September 12, 7 pm: Bread and Honey, a weekly outdoor service in Bellevue Square Park (Bellevue and Wales, Kensington Market), featuring music, poetry, meditation, discussion, and a potluck meal. This week, Jennifer Yoder of Christian Peace-maker Teams, on the power of story in peace-making. (Rain location: Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields)

Monday, September 14, 7 pm: Bodies & theology 2 – Gender trouble The Rev'd M Rodrigues will help us to think and talk about trans identity, and how we deal with this and other gender identity issues in the church and in our spiritual lives.
Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields

Wednesday, September 16, 7 pm: Resistance through rituals. What do rituals look like in 21st-century North America? What could they offer today's social justice movement, either as a mode of political performance or as the basis for new, communal liturgies of protest? Activist/academic Andrew Winchur, who has analyzed the rituals of recent strikes at York University and UofT, will be joined by André Forget and Andrea Budgey to discuss protest as liturgy and the social power of political performance. Trinity College: Divinity Common Room

Thursday, September 17, 7 pm: Different Drummers Members of the activist drum band Rhythms of Resistance introduce us to their art form and their political processes (with hands-on participation!) and Christian Harvey contributes sounds and perspectives from African drumming traditions. Trinity College: George Ignatieff Theatre

Saturday, September 19, 7 pm: Bread and Honey in Bellevue Square Park. This week, poet Jacqueline Valencia, whose first book will be published by Insomniac Press in 2016, joins us for reading, music, discussion, and a potluck meal.

Monday, September 21, 12:15 pm: Sacred Music in a Sacred Space presents chant from the Eastern and Western church. Trinity College Chapel

Monday, September 21, 7 pm: Bodies & theology 3 – Leaky bodies. Dr Tom Reynolds joins our discussion group to talk about the construction of the idea of "disability" and our struggles with vulnerability and bodily limits. Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields

Wednesday, September 23, 7 pm: Staging Revelation In advance of our performance of the Book of Revelation, Maggie Helwig will talk about the experience of turning the text into a performance, and finding ways to make visible this strange work's anti-imperial politics, and Alexandra Johnston of the Records of Early English Drama project will offer a historical perspective on bringing early religious dramas to life for contemporary audiences. Trinity College: Divinity Common Room

Thursday, September 24, 7 pm: "What city is like the great city?" A dramatic staging of the Book of Revelation, one of the strangest, most misunderstood, but also most fascinating scriptural texts, a book profoundly concerned with economic exploitation and the violence and wreckage of empire, a voice from a place of oppression and anger which still struggles towards the vision of a redeemed world. Also, there will be angels in hazmat suits. Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields

Saturday, September 26, 7 pm: Bread and Honey in Bellevue Square Park, this week with poet Steve Venright.

Monday, September 28, 12:15 pm: Monday Music presents a solo recital by harpist Kate MacDonald. Trinity College Chapel

Monday, September 28, 7 pm: Bodies & theology 4 –  "For Christ hath now a body" A discussion of bodies and worship, and how we use and express our embodiment in liturgy and ritual. Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields

Wednesday, September 30, 7 pm: The panel is political. An evening with Ad Astra, which uses the medium of comics to explore political ideas, with a focus on amplifying marginalized voices, and dismantling oppressive frameworks (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, colonialism, etc.) Nicole Burton and Hugh Goldring will talk about the possibilities and challenges of their work producing and distributing politically radical comics. Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields

Saturday, October 3, 7 pm to Sunday, October 4, 7 am: Nuit Blanche: The Composition Engine A multi-vocal audience-controlled soundscape, curated by Peter Drobac and Maggie Helwig, and featuring teams of singers, readers, and instrumentalists, who will perform at the random bidding of passers-by and participants. An unofficial Nuit Blanche installation. Trinity College Chapel

Sunday, October 4, 12:30 pm: Blessing of the Animals on the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi We do not live on this earth alone; we share it with all the other animals of God's creation. Today we take the time to acknowledge our relationships with and dependence upon God's non-human creatures, and to commit ourselves to stewardship of our common world. This blessing service will take place immediately after the usual Sunday Sung Mass at 10:30 am. Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields (front lawn at College and Bellevue)

For more information, contact:

Andrea Budgey, Trinity College / U of T 416-978-3288,

Maggie Helwig, Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields 416-526-5438,



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The liturgies in Trinity College Chapel are open to all members of the college, the university, and the wider community. Most weekday services are organized by students of the Faculty of Divinity, but Wednesday Choral Evensong and the Sunday services are particularly open to participation by other members of the community, as readers, servers, and musicians. Whether you're interested in regular involvement, or occasional participation, please contact the chaplain to discuss possibilities.


There are many other activities (classes, concerts, rehearsals) and occasional liturgies during the academic term. In summer these tend to be tied to conferences, reunions, weddings and funerals. For further information, please contact the chaplain.


Wednesday, November 18 60th Anniversary Festal Eucharist, 5:15 pm

Sunday, December 6 – Advent Carol Service Lessons and Carols replace the Eucharist, 4:00 pm

Sunday, January 17 – College Evensong at Saint James’ Cathedral, 4:30 pm

Wednesday, February 10 – Ash Wednesday Holy Eucharist & imposition of ashes, 12:00 pm

Sunday, March 20 – Palm Sunday Holy Eucharist, 4:00 pm

Wednesday, March 23, Wednesday of Holy Week Tenebrae Service, 9:00 pm

Thursday, March 24 – Maundy Thursday Holy Eucharist & stripping of the altar, 8:00 pm

Friday, March 25 – Good Friday Good Friday liturgy, 11:00 am

Saturday, March 26 – Easter Vigil Holy Eucharist & lighting of the Paschal fire, 9:00 pm

Sunday, March 27 – Easter Sunday Holy Eucharist, 4:00 pm

(These times are subject to confirmation – please call or check the website closer to the date).



We try wherever possible to make the chapel available for funerals and memorial services to members of the wider university community, and to graduates and former staff of Trinity College. Please contact the chaplain to discuss this possibility.

Detailed wishes around funeral details may be recorded by individuals at any time with the chaplain's office, and a pamphlet to help with this is available. It must be understood, however, that the legal next-of-kin are those who have the final power of determination with regard to funeral arrangements.