New Provost - Nominating Committee

Dear Constituent,

The Call for Nomination and Application for the position of Provost is now available.

As a result of broad consultation with College stakeholders over several months, the Nominating Committee has developed a Candidate Brief which sets out the context and culture at Trinity College, identifies the role of the Provost (key responsibilities, issues and challenges), candidate qualifications, search committee contacts and other information.

On behalf of the Nominating Committee I would like to thank the College community for their active participation in the consultation process.  We are grateful to have such a deeply committed community.


Hon. Bill Graham, Chancellor and
Chair of the Nominating Committee

Member (Constituent Group) & Contact Information

Melissa Beauregard (Student)
Jesse Billett (Fellow & Assistant Professor, Faculty of Divinity)
Paulina Bogdanova (Student)
Rob Cassels (Member, Corporation)
Hon. Bill Graham (Chancellor)
Rev. Canon Philip Hobson (Member, Convocation & Faculty of Divinity)
Evan Howard (Member, Corporation & Chair, Board of Trustees)
Carolyn Kearns (Member, Corporation)
Mairi MacDonald (Fellow in the Faculty of Arts)
Chris Matthews (Member, Corporation)
Jonathan Steels (Senior Management Group, Staff)
Elizabeth Wilson (Member, Convocation)