Board of Trustees Members 2013/2014


Ex Officio

  • The Hon. William Graham (Chancellor)
  • Professor Michael Ratcliffe (Interim Provost)
  • Mr. Alex Swann (Chair, Executive Committee of Convocation)

Eight Members of the Corporation

  • Mr. Evan Howard
  • Ms. Diana Juricevic
  • Ms. Kiran Little*
  • Ms. Barbara Murray
  • Mr. Gerry Noble*
  • Mr. Michael Royce
  • Ms. Miriam Young
  • t.b.a.

Six General Members of Convocation

  • Ms. Terry Bisset
  • Mr. David Bronskill
  • The Ven Thomas Greene
  • Mr. Young Park
  • Mr. Gary Selke
  • Mr. Andrew McFarlane*

One person elected by the St. Hilda's College Board of Trustees

  • t.b.a

Four Fellows, one of whom to be chosen from the Faculty of Divinity

  • Professor JoAnna Dutka*
  • Professor Michelle French*
  • Professor Mark Kingwell*
  • Professor Donald Wiebe (Divinity)

Two members of the Administrative Staff

  • Ms. Susan Bond
  • Ms. Brenda Duchesne

Four students, one of whom to be registered in the Faculty of Divinity 

  • Mr. Pujan Modi  (Head Non-resident, Male)*
  • Mr. Justin Cheng (Head of Divinity)*
  • Mr. Benjamin Crase (Head of College, Male)*
  • Ms. Maha Naqi  (Head of College, Female)*

*New members in 2013-2014