Board of Trustees Members 2017/2018

Ex Officio

  • The Hon. William Graham (Chancellor)
  • Professor Mayo Moran (Provost)
  • David Plant (Chair, Executive Committee of Convocation)

Eight Members of the Corporation

  • Jim Andersen
  • Jean Fraser*
  • Sharon Geraghty
  • Jennifer Hood
  • Joannah Lawson
  • Gerry Noble
  • Heather Stewart
  • Rod Taylor*

Six General Members of Convocation

  • Jill Carmichael Adolphe
  • David Bronskill
  • Elliot Johnson
  • Shauna Cairns Gundy
  • Andrew McFarlane
  • Jesse Parker

One person elected by the St. Hilda's College Board of Trustees

  • Jennifer Hood

Four Fellows, one of whom to be chosen from the Faculty of Divinity

  • Professor JoAnna Dutka
  • Professor Michelle French
  • Professor Mark Kingwell
  • Professor Michael Steinhauser (Divinity)

Two members of the Administrative Staff

  • Allison MacDonald
  • Ramata Tarawally

Four students, one of whom to be registered in the Faculty of Divinity 

  • Bardia Monavari (Head of College)*
  • Victoria Lin  (Head of College)*
  • Mitch Nader (Head Non-Resident Affairs)*
  • Adam Brown (Head of Divinity)

*New members