Two Trinity Students Receive Full-Ride Scholarships to Study at Yenching Academy

Posted Apr 25, 2017 11:00 am

Trinity College graduands – Kourosh Houshmand and Anthony Marchese – will join the next cohort of Yenching Scholars at Yenching Academy of Peking University.

“We’re so proud to have two outstanding scholars be awarded the prestigious Yenching scholarship. Both Anthony and Kourosh are incredibly talented individuals who show great promise as leaders and innovators in their fields,” said Mayo Moran, Provost and Vice-Chancellor of Trinity College. “With their strong record of academic excellence and extracurricular leadership, the Yenching experience will most definitely support their future ambitions. We look forward to watching their careers develop in the years to come.”

Trinity student Anthony MarcheseKourosh (photo: lower) and Anthony (photo: right) will spend 12 months pursuing an interdisciplinary, English language Master’s degree in China Studies at Yenching Academy. The fully-funded residential program will also allow them to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and learn Mandarin.

Anthony’s interest in China grew from a summer abroad in that country as part of a third-year Political Science course. He was keen on returning to learn more about the country, its culture and politics in an immersive way.

“My first time in Asia, in China, was an amazing experience. It has motivated me to pursue an international experience for my graduate studies,” said Anthony, who will graduate in June with a BA in International Relations, Political Science and European Union Studies. “I’m inspired by China’s growing importance in the international system. I hope to gain a nuanced understanding on the philosophies shaping Chinese foreign policy, Chinese solutions to complex global issues, and how these perspectives can help strengthen Chinese-Canadian relations.”

Trinity student Kourosh HoushmandFor Kourosh, he had visited China several times over the years and had lived in Taiwan briefly when he was 16. He is the founder of a non-profit organization Solar for Life, and is also a journalist/host with VICE Media, a freelance contributor to the Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, and has produced an independent documentary featuring Noam Chomsky.

“Yenching Scholars are from all parts of the world – it is truly a global scholarship and that was incredibly compelling,” said Kourosh, who will receive his BA in Political Science, Ethics, Society & Law and Contemporary Asian Studies in June. “China is a rising global power – its role in sustainable development across Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia is both fluid and pivotal. I hope to use my experience in journalism and social entrepreneurship to bring to light and support small-scale innovations happening in some of the most peripheral communities around the world.”

Both Anthony and Kourosh were drawn to Trinity as they valued being around like-minded and ambitious people.

“Being surrounded by the best and brightest also enhances leadership. I found my niche by getting involved. Trinity prepared me greatly for Yenching, and for the next 10 years,” said Anthony, who was co-Head of College 2016-2017.

“The support system here at Trinity is next to none. It’s the community that’s so important and enriching, along with the value placed on scholarship and the history and traditions associated with Trinity – it puts you in a different academic mentality,” Kourosh said. “I’m ready for what comes my way. You can’t always have a plan, but you can have a vision.”