Trinity College Strategic Plan

Approved by the Board of Trustees, October 1, 2009

1. Excellent academic programs in arts and science and theology that attract outstanding students.

1.1.    Strengthen academic support services for students.
1.2     Strengthen and expand the Trinity One program.
1.3     Pursue opportunities to broaden the International Relations program.
1.4.    Enhance and broaden the Divinity teaching program. 

2. Diverse, engaged students and a rewarding undergraduate experience.

2.1.    Foster further integration of non-resident students into the life of the College.
2.2.    Develop proactive recruiting, admissions and financial support strategies for students.
2.3.    Encourage and broaden community outreach activities.
2.4.    Explore internship opportunities for students.
2.5.    Work with the University of Toronto to facilitate international experiences for Trinity students.

3. Dynamic, well integrated fellowship of internationally renowned scholars.

3.1.    Develop opportunities for increased interaction between Fellows and students.
3.2.    Diversify the range of possibilities for Fellows to engage in the life of the College.
3.3.    Encourage Fellows to identify with and promote the College. 
3.4.    Stimulate a greater sense of shared aims and values among the Fellowship.

4. Active, involved alumni and friends.

4.1.    Build awareness and expand opportunities for existing students to participate in the college community after graduation.
4.2.    Identify groups of alumni who can offer career advice and opportunities to students.
4.3     Increase the number of high quality, dedicated volunteers to support the work of the College. 
4.4.    Co-ordinate opportunities for life long learning for alumni and friends.

5. Long-term financial security and growth.

5.1.   Seek new revenue sources that are in keeping with the College’s vision.
5.2.   Implement a plan for strategic fundraising.
5.3.   Explore partnerships and opportunities for operational savings.
5.4.   Increase the College’s endowment funds.

6. Inspiring and sustainable physical environment.

6.1.    Renew and upgrade student space, residences and services.
6.2.    Conserve the architectural heritage of the College.
6.3.    Set and pursue aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve sustainability.
6.4.    Develop a plan to increase accessibility.