Further Courses - Group D

Please consult A&S Calendar and Timetable regarding course availability.  Courses with an asterisk will not be offered in 2017-18.

Optional Courses

Group D: Further Courses

RLG 309H1 Religion, Morality and Law

The relationships between religious and ethical norms, social and political ideals, and systems of law. The roots of Western legal concepts such as authority, duty, rights, and punishment in biblical and natural law tradition, and their counterparts in positive law theory. Church and State conflict in a philosophy of law context. Prerequisite: three RLG or PHI/PHL half-courses and third year standing.

TRN200Y1 Modes of Reasoning (formerly TRN200H1)

First term: students are taught how to recognize, analyze, evaluate, and construct arguments in ordinary English prose. Second term: one or more discipline-related modes of reasoning (e.g., scientific reasoning, ethical reasoning, legal reasoning) studied with reference to a selection of contemporary social issues. /Exclusion/: PHL247H1/PHI 247H1/TRN200H1.

TRN 300H1, 301Y1, 302Y1, 400H1, 404Y1, 405Y1 Independent Studies Courses

If deemed to contain sufficient content relevant to ES&L, Independent Studies Courses taken within the Trinity Independent Studies Program may count toward an ES&L major. Consult the Calendar for more information about the Trinity Independent Studies Program.

TRN 406H1/407Y1 Community Research Partnerships in Ethics

Students undertake research projects designed to meet the knowledge needs of ethics-oriented organizations in the broader community. Prerequisite: Students must be in the final year of registration in the Major Program in Ethics, Society, and Law and will normally have a CGPA of at least 3.20. Enrollment is by application. See the Registration Handbook and Timetable for enrollment procedures. Normally, only TRN407Y1 (not TRN406H1) is offered, and normally it is counted in the (A) Ethics stream.