International Relations Courses


The following table summarizes the requirements and suggested sequence of required courses in the IR Specialist and IR Major programs.


IR Specialist

IR Major

First Year:
(requirements for program admission):

ECO 101H1 Principles of Microeconomics  ECO 102H1 Principles of Macroeconomics OR

ECO 100Y1 Introduction to Economics OR

ECO 105Y1 Principles of Economics for Non-Specialists

1.0 FCE*

1.0 FCE*

HIS 103Y1 Statecraft and Strategy: An Introduction to the History of International Relations OR

Trin One IR Stream (TRN 150Y1/151Y1) OR

HIS 102Y1 Empires, Encounters and Exchanges OR

Vic One Pearson Stream (two of VIC 181H1, 183H1, 184H1, 185H1)

1.0 FCE

1.0 FCE

One introductory modern language course OR MAT133Y1/137Y1 or MAT135H1 + MAT136H1

1.0 FCE


Second Year:

POL 208Y1 Introduction to International Relations

1.0 FCE

1.0 FCE

ECO 230Y1 International Economic Institutions and Policy

1.0 FCE (can substitute ECO 364H1+ECO 365H1)

1.0 FCE

TRN 250Y1 Ordering International Relations in an Age of Empire

1.0 FCE

1.0 FCE

Third Year:

HIS 311Y1 Canadian International Relations OR

HIS 344Y1 Conflict and Co-operation in the International System since 1945  OR  HIS 344H1 + one of

HIS306H1/HIS316H1/HIS324H1/HIS326H1/HIS338H1/HIS343H1/HIS350H1/HIS361H1/ HIS364H1/HIS377H1/HIS379H1/HIS385H1/HIS396H1/HIS397H1/JHA384H1/NMC378H1/TRN307H1/TRN308H1

1.0 FCE

1.0 FCE

POL 312Y1 Canadian Foreign Policy OR

POL 326Y1 U.S. Foreign Policy OR

POL 340Y1 International Law

1.0 FCE

1.0 FCE

ECO 342Y1 Twentieth Century Economic History OR

ECO 341H1 The Economic History of the 20th Century: Trade, migration, money & finance before 1945  +

ECO342H1 Twentieth Century Economic History: Institutuions, Growth and Inequality

1.0 FCE


Fourth Year:

TRN 410H1 Selected Topics in International Studies: Understanding Contemporary International Relations


0.5 FCE

TRN 411Y1 Selected Topics in International Studies: Decolonization in Africa, 1945-1994 OR

TRN419Y1 Comparative American, British and Canadian Foreign Policy

1.0 FCE


One additional option from Options Group 1

1.0 FCE


Second, Third or Fourth Year:

Two additional options from Options Group 2

2.0 FCEs


Total Required Courses for Program

13.0 FCEs

7.5 FCEs

*FCE = Full-course Equivalent



The International Relations Programs takes advantage of the broad range of courses offered by the Departments of Economics, Political Science and History as well as other departments within the Faculty of Arts & Science to enable students in the Specialist program to complement their required core courses by choosing options.

Please note that the Departments may not offer all optional courses every year. Consult the current Faculty of Arts & Science Timetable and Calendar for availability and prerequisites. In the event of inconsistencies, the Calendar should be considered correct.

Options Group 1 (Specialists must select at least 1.0 FCE from this group, usually in fourth year)


  • ECO 403H1 Topics in Development Economics and Policy
  • ECO 419H1 International Macroeconomics
  • ECO 429H1 Economic Thought after 1870
  • ECO 459H1 International Trade Regulation
  • HIS 401H1/Y1 History of the Cold War
  • HIS 405Y1 Canadian Foreign Relations
  • HIS 415Y1 Nationalism & Memory in Modern Europe
  • HIS 416YH1 Orientalism and Nationalism in 19th Century Germany
  • HIS 442H1 Jews and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union
  • HIS 445H1 Nationalism
  • HIS 451H1 WWII in East Central Europe
  • HIS 457H1 The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire
  • HIS 465Y1 Gender and International Relations
  • HIS 470H1 History, Rights, and Differences in South Asia
  • HIS 473Y1 The United States and Asia since 1945
  • HIS 479H1 US Foreign Policy since World War II
  • HIS 492H1 Empire & Colonization in the French Atlantic World
  • HIS 493H1 Humanity in War: The Modern Evolution of the Law of Armed Conflict
  • HIS 498H1 Independent Studies
  • POL 410H1/Y1 Topics in Comparative Politics III
  • POL 411H1 International Political Economy of Finance
  • POL 412H1 Human Rights and International Relations
  • POL 413H1 Global Environmental Politics
  • POL 417Y1 Global South in International Politics
  • POL 435H1 Business and Politics: Power in a Global World
  • POL 441H1 Topics in Asian Politics
  • POL 442H1 Topics in Latin American Politics
  • POL 456Y1 The G8, G20 and Global Governance
  • POL 459Y1 The Military Instrument of Foreign Policy
  • POL 466H1 Topics in International Politics III
  • POL 468H1 International Relations of Ethnic Conflict
  • POL 469H1 Ethics and International Relations
  • POL 477H1 Advanced Topics in International Political Economy
  • POL 481H1 Geopolitics of Cyberspace
  • POL 486H1/Y1 Topics in International Politics I
  • POL 487H1/Y1 Topics in International Politics II
  • POL 495Y1 Independent Studies
  • POL 496H1 Independent Studies
  • TRN 409Y1 Selected Topics in International Studies
  • TRN 409H1F Selected Topics in International Studies: Canadian Defence Policy since the end of the Cold War
  • TRN 409H1S Selected Topics in International Studies: War and its Theorists
  • TRN 421Y1 The Practice and Institutions of Diplomacy
  • VIC 476H1 Capstone Seminar in Foreign Policy

Options Group 2 (Specialists must select at least 2.0 FCEs from this group in their second, third or fourth year)

  • ANT 452H1 Anthropology and Human Rights
  • ECO 200Y1 Microeconomic Theory
  • ECO 202Y1 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
  • ECO 206Y1 Microeconomic Theory
  • ECO 208Y1 Macroeconomic Theory
  • ECO 324H1 Economic Development
  • EUR 200Y1 Europe: Nation State to Supranational Union
  • GGR 439H1 Global Political Geography
  • HIS 241H1 Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914
  • HIS 242H1 Europe in the 20th Century
  • HIS 250Y1 History of Russia, 860-1991
  • HIS 251Y1 History of East Central Europe
  • HIS 271Y1 American History since 1607
  • HIS 304H1 Topics in Middle East History
  • HIS 306H1 Islam and Muslims in the Balkans
  • HIS 316H1 Competing Colonialism in Northeast China
  • HIS 324H1 British Imperial Experience, 1600-2000
  • HIS 326H1 Topics in Chinese History
  • HIS 334H1 East Central Europe and the Great Powers in the "Short 20th Century", 1914-1991
  • HIS 338H1 The Holocaust to 1942
  • HIS 343H1 History of Modern Espionage
  • HIS 350H1 War, State and Society
  • HIS 361H1 The Holocaust, from 1942
  • HIS 364H1 From Revolution to Revolution: Hungary Since 1846
  • HIS 376H1 The United States: Now - and Then
  • HIS 377H1 Twentieth Century American Foreign Relations
  • HIS 379H1 Vietnam at War
  • HIS 385H1 History of Hong Kong
  • HIS 396H1 Business and Society
  • HIS 397H1 Political Violence and Human Rights In Latin America
  • JHA 384H1 Japan in the World, mid-16 to mid-20th century
  • JPA 376Y0 Transforming Global Politics: Comparative and Chinese Perspectives
  • LAS 200H1 Latin America: History, Civilization, Culture - 19th Century
  • LAS 201H1 Latin America: History, Civilization, Culture - 20th Century -Present
  • NMC 378H1 Modern Arab History
  • POL 101Y1 Democracy, Dictatorship, War and Peace, An Introduction
  • POL 201Y1 Politics of Development: Issues and Controversies
  • POL 300H1 Topics in Comparative Politics
  • POL 302Y1 State and Society in 20th Century China
  • POL 318H1 Canada and the Global Challenge Since 9/11, Part I: NAFTA
  • POL 323Y1 Might and Right among Nations
  • POL 324H1 Politics of Europe and the European Union
  • POL 329H1 Experiences of Conflict
  • POL 361H1 Global Political Economy l: History and Theory
  • POL 362H1 Global Political Economy II: Policy and Analysis
  • POL 384H1 Global Environmental Governance from the Ground Up
  • SLA 380H1 Language, Politics and Identity
  • TRN 307H1 International Experience I
  • TRN 308H1 International Experience II