Chapel Requirements

Daily Prayer and Worship

Stained glassAt Trinity College, studies in Divinity (whether full-time or part-time) are not understood to be carried out in isolation from the on-going life of the Church; rather, they are undertaken within the context of the daily worshipping life of the college community. For this reason, Divinity students in all degree programs are expected to be as regular in their Chapel attendance as they can be.

The College is aware of the difficulties that both students and staff encounter in meeting this expectation. Many students and staff are part-time and have other work commitments; many commute to downtown Toronto from considerable distances; many have important family and/or church responsibilities beyond the College community. Yet, the Faculty believes that the work of theological formation at Trinity must find its beginning and end in the eucharist and offices offered daily during term in the College Chapel. Students and staff alike are invited, at the beginning of each term, to assess their priorities in light of this ideal, and to commit themselves to a pattern of Chapel attendance which is both faithful and realistic. Students who are unable to be part of the Chapel services at Trinity, are expected to maintain active membership in another community of support and growth.

The Monday Community Eucharist is the principal weekly corporate celebration of the Divinity community during the academic term. It is followed by a community meal in the Divinity Common Room (DCR). This is the place where the Divinity community becomes most tangible.

Wednesday Evensong, using the Book of Common Prayer, is normally sung by the Trinity College Chapel Choir during the academic term and offers music from both the classical and contemporary Anglican musical repertoire. It is followed by a reception hosted by the Faculty of Divinity, at which staff and students from the Faculties of Divinity and of Arts and Science meet. Auditions for the choir are held early in September.

The Friday Eucharist attracts alumni/æ, friends, families, and students and is a genuine community of many years' existence, meeting year round. Services are organized week by week on an entirely volunteer basis. The service is followed by a light breakfast to which all are invited.

Other services, including the Sunday services, are the responsibility of the Chaplain. Divinity students are welcome to attend and to volunteer for various functions.

Schedule of Services

For a schedule of regular services click here.

Most weekday services are the responsibility of the student Liturgy Teams. These teams are supported by various staff members and student coaches, and are set up at the beginning of each term according to the commitments made by Divinity students in the ministry stream. Other students and students outside the Faculty of Divinity are welcome to become involved.

Humphrys Chaplain

The Humphrys Chaplain is the pastor of the whole College. S/he is a priest licensed for clerical functions by the Bishop of Toronto. Among other things, the Chaplain is responsible to the Provost for administration of the Trinity College Chapel. Thus the Chaplain has overall responsibility for the conduct of services in the Chapel and supports those parts of the Faculty of Divinity's liturgical formation program that take place in the Chapel.

Given the breadth of responsibilities, much of the Chaplain's time is spent apart from Divinity, and the Chaplain holds no academic appointment in the Faculty of Divinity, neither teaching nor providing assessments. This separation helps give the Chaplain the role of a neutral and confidential counsellor.

The Chaplain's office is Room 310 of the Larkin Building, telephone 416-978-3288, email