Library jobs

Position     Student Assistant

Period of Employment:    September 2017 - April 2018

Position Summary:

Student Assistants are responsible for all of the shelving and shelf-maintenance at the library. They also perform many of the circulation functions at the library (such as signing out books and accepting fine payments). There are shifts where the library is run by two student assistants with no supervision. 


  • student at the University of Toronto
  • good written and excellent verbal communication skills
  • ability to work with computers
  • ability to push heavy book trucks and lift boxes of books
  • attention to detail
  • exceptional customer service skills


  • Interprets and enforces library policies and emergency and security procedures.
  • Charges, discharges and renews library materials; checks shelves for overdue materials; updates or corrects the borrower information in borrower records.
  • Retrieves material from Storage; places holds on items; assists with searching for items that are out of place; processes new books.
  • Sorts and shelves items, regularly checks shelves to ensure that the books are in order.
  • Maintains photocopiers/printers; troubleshoots and provides basic instructions to users of the printer, photocopiers, cash-to-card machine, and scanners.  
  • Takes group study room bookings.
  • Helps set up some AV equipment for in-library use; circulates (sends out and receives) AV equipment booked by a supervisor.
  • Handles cash: accepts fine payments; documents all fine payments received; provides change for the copiers, takes cash box counts on a regular basis.
  • Takes counts of items used in-house, documents and files manual loans, takes regular counts of library users in the library at prescribed times.
  • Answers directional questions; refers library users to appropriate personnel.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Hours per Week:   Monday through Sunday. Shift work (includes days, evenings, and weekends). 6-12 hours.

Hourly Rate:                Not less than $13.70