Friends of the Library Christmas Cards

The Friends of the Library publish a variety of cards appropriate for the holiday season featuring illustrated works from the John W. Graham Library's special collections.

Cost: $10.00 per package of 8 cards (tax included).
Description: All cards are printed on heavy cream paper and are blank inside. 
Where to buy: Cards are available for purchase in the Graham Library office, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm or at Friends of the Library events throughout the year.
Payment methods: Cash, debit or credit

Christmas Cards Available for 2012



Nicolas François Regnault, Paris, 1774.
Full colour 5" x 7"

"Le Houx… Dix ou douze baies de Houx guérissent la colique: le même remede est propre à purger les humeurs épaisses, & pituiteuses suivant Dodonée. Quoique les préceptes de cet Auteur aient été souvent adoptés avec succes les Praticiens prudent n’en ont pas moins proscrit l’usage de ce remede.”

La Botanique mise a la portée de tout le monde, ou Collection des plantes d’usage dans la medecine, dans les alimens et dans les arts. Three folio volumes presented to the Medical Department of the Church University of Upper Canada (now Trinity College) by William Arthur Johnson, biologist and Anglican clergyman, the founder of Trinity College School and early mentor of Sir William Osler.

"O be joyful"

"O be joyful" Ornamental initial from the Prayer Book of King Edward VII

Black with red initial and border, 4.5" x 6"
C.R. Ashbee, artist and proponent of the Arts and Crafts movement, Essex House Press, London.

Ornamental initial from the Prayer Book of King Edward VII, with designs and type by C.R. Ashbee.


Reindeer from A History of the Earth and Animated Nature by Oliver Goldsmith

Black with red border, 5" x 7.5"
From A History if the Earth and Animated Nature, by Oliver Goldsmith. 4 vols. York: Printed by and for T. Wilson, 1808.

The Rein-deer. "Of all animals of the deer kind, the rein-deer is the most extraordinary and the most useful. ... Nature seems to have fitted it entirely to answer the necessities of that hardy race of mankind that live near the pole .. . . It answers the purposes of a horse, to convey them ... from one mountain to another; it answers the purposes of a cow, in giving milk; and it answers the purposes of the sheep, in furnishing them with a warm, though an homely kind of clothing. From this quadruped alone, therefore, they receive as many advantages as we derive from three of our most useful creatures; so that Providence does not leave these poor outcasts entirely destitute, but gives them a faithful domestic, more patient and serviceable than any other in Nature."

Three Kings

Image of Three Kings woodcut by Eric Gill

Black & white, 4.5" x 6"
Woodcut by Eric Gill (1882 - 1940), sculptor, type designer, wood engraver, polemicist. From the collection of J. Kemp Waldie.

Angelic Music

Angelic music by John Sturt, Engraver, 1717, Book of Common Prayer

Black and gold, 6" x 4"
John Sturt, engraver, 1717.
From The Book of Common Prayer.

An Angelic Orchestra

"An Angelic Orchestra" from The Book of Common Prayer, John Sturt, engraver, 1717

Black and red, 6" x 4"
John Sturt, engraver, 1717.
From The Book of Common Prayer.

Angel Headpiece

Angel Headpiece from The Book of Common Prayer, 1662

Black with red and gold border, 7" x 3.5"
From The Book of Common Prayer, London, King's Printer, 1662.

Ruffed Grouse or Pheasant

Ruffed Grouse or Peasant From American Ornithology, London & Edinburgh, 1774.

Full colour, 7" x 5"
From American Ornithology, London & Edinburgh, 1774.