Voyages & Expeditions In Search of the Northwest Passage

As early as the 15th century explorers searched for a passage by sea from Europe to the Far East. In the first half of the 19th century, when advances in geographical knowledge had left the only hope for such a passage lying in the Canadian Arctic, the number of expeditions from England accelerated. Accounts of these expeditions were popular with British readers, and they were often lavishly produced in large paper formats with elegant, informative illustrations and maps. Some of the most important published journals and other records of these voyages and expeditions are included in this exhibit. For a complete list of items in this exhibit, please download the annotated exhibit list.pdf.

The exhibit is located in the Saunderson Rare Books room display case on the lower level of the John. W. Graham Library for the rest of 2013.

About the Upjohn Waldie Collection

These expedition accounts were acquired by the noted Toronto collector J. Kemp Waldie in the mid-twentieth century and given to the Graham Library by Sandra and Guy Upjohn in 2012.