Computer Help

Where can I search the catalogue?

  • Online
  • In the library at any computer.

Where can I check my email?

  • Any computer terminal on the ground floor.

Where can I work on an essay?

  • Any of the Office stations: seated computers on the north side of the ground floor.

I can open my essay, but not edit it.

  • Move to one of the Office stations: seated computers on the north side of the ground floor.

Is there a computer available in the library?

  • Check computer availability here.
  • For availabilty of laptops, ask at the circulation desk.

Can I borrow a laptop from the library?

Where can I scan a document?

  • There is a computer terminal with a scanner across from the Circulation Desk.

Where can I print?

  • From any computer in the library, or from your own laptop if connected wirelessly.
  • Information about printing in the library can be found in the printing instructions.

How can I connect my laptop/smartphone to the internet? 

  • The library no longer supports wired access. There are two wireless networks in the library:
    • UofT: This network is for U of T Faculty, staff, and students. Before using this network, you will need to register your UTORid by using the verify tool even if your UTORid is working for other services.
    • Eduroam: This network is for members of other Eduroam affiliated institutions who wish to connect at U of T. You will need to configure the wireless using the information provided by your home institution.
    • Unfortunately, we are not able to provide internet access for any other users.

Which network should I use?

  • If you are a U of T student, faculty, or staff member use the UofT network
  • If you are affiliated with another institution, you may be able to use the Eduroam network (click through for a list of member institutions)

I’m having troubles with my UTORid. Can I still use the library computers?

  • The staff at the Circulation Desk should be able to make you a temporary login. It will allow you to sign on to the Graham Library computers for one day, but will not give you access to the wireless networks.

I’m not affiliated with U of T. Can I use the library computers/wireless?

  • The three standing terminals across from the Circulation Desk do not require a login.
  • If you are affiliated with an educational institution and can show proof of that and photo id, the circulation staff can create a login that will allow you to access the Graham Library computers for one day. It will not give you wireless access.
  • If you belong to one of these institutions, you can connect to the Eduroam wireless network.