Practice of Ministry

Church Administration

Journal of Religious Leadership

***Semi-annual publication sponsored by the Academy of Religious Leadership.


**Site devoted to "Transforming Christian Leaders" with material on theological education and articles.

Church, Media and the Arts

Religion and Film

***From the Wabash Center, including film sites, journals, bibliographies,and course syllabi.


***Site devoted to publishing "materials that promote a general understanding of Art's meaning and methods, so that both artists and art enthusiasts may develop appreciation and discernment in all areas of the Arts, including music, literature, poetry, performance, architecture, sculpture, craftworks, and the graphic arts." Maintained by Matt Bynum, it covers cinema, writing, poetry, architecture, and music as well as current interests or issues, organization, and resources.

Congregational Studies

Pulpit & Pew: Research on Pastoral Leadership

* * This site contains links to research and resources on issues of interest to pastors, from clergy health and salaries to discernment of call and religion in public life. The site is a project of the J.M. Ormond Center at the Divinity School at Duke University.

Alban Institute

***The Alban Institute is "an independent center of learning and leadership development with a focus on congregations. Located in greater Washington, D.C., Alban is a not-for-profit, membership organization that develops and shares knowledge through consulting, publishing, research, and education programs."

Evangelism and Church Growth

The Wycliffe College Institute of Evangelism

***Part of the mission of Wycliffe College, Toronto, the Institute site has resources, links, list of speakers, and much more devoted to church growth and church planting in Canada.

Fresh Expressions

***"Fresh Expressions encourages and resources new ways of being church, working with Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions. The movement has resulted in thousands of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches."

Internet Evangelism

**Resources, articles, and guides to evangelism on the Internet.

Church Missions

The Missiology Homepage

* * In addition to a glossary of missiological terms, missiological bibliographies, and other information, this site features free Monthly Missiological Reflections prepared by Gailyn Van Rheenen, Professor of Missions at Abilene Christian University.

Missionary Periodicals Database

* * Hosted by Yale Divinity School and created by the Currents in World Christianity Center at the University of Cambridge, this site is an amazing resource for anyone studying British missionary movements, religion, or the British empire. Browse the database by region or periodical title, or conduct a keyword search. Initial returns include title, issuing body, denomination, place, and dates of publication. Full entries include publisher, volume numbers, frequency, circulation, price, region of work, features, and some comments.

Feminist Works

European Society of Women in Theological Research

"The Society was founded in Switzerland in 1986 and today has over 500 members. It offers a network for women who work in theological research in different denominations and religions, enabling women from the whole of Europe, east and west, north and south, to meet and to dialogue." Links to separate branches of the Society in Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, and Germany.

Liturgy and Worship

Hymn Tune Archive

*** An indexed archive of public domain hymn tunes and chants (including some audio), hosted by the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

*** An evolution of the Hymn Tune Archive (above), this site is a comprehensive index of hymns and hymnals plus biographical information on hymn wirtiers and indicators of the hymns popularity.

Pastoral Care and Counselling


Although not regularly updated these online resources for Christian healing are still worth consulting. The site has an Anglican orientation .

Pastoral Leadership

Pulpit & Pew: Research on Pastoral Leadership

* * This site contains links to research and resources on issues of interest to pastors, from clergy health and salaries to discernment of call and religion in public life. The site is a project of the J.M. Ormond Center at the Divinity School at Duke University.

Practical Theology

Wabash Center

***Resources, including full text articles and links, relating to practical theology including the topics of death, recovery, and counselling.



* Sermon texts posted online, searchable by topic and biblical text, as well as by speaker's name and the church/event where the sermon was originally preached. This site is produced by Grace Baptist Church, Canton, Michigan.

Sermons That Work

**From the Episcopal Church (USA). Contains ready-to-preach sermons, preaching tips, as well as weekly Bible studies, book reviews.

Sojourners: Sermon Preparation

* * A paid subscription sermon preparation resource from the publishers of Sojourner magazine.

Wabash Center

**Sermon collections including Early Church Fathers,John Wesley, George Whitefield, Victor Shepher as a source of preaching, weblography, and other extensive resources for preaching.

Sermons and sermon-lectionary resources

Hosted by Rev. Richard J. Fairchild, Golden, BC, Canada and organized according Year A, B, or C, as well as seasonal sermons.

George Whitefield

Texts of 59 sermons by the notable 18th century preacher.



Started by John Birch, a Methodist lay preacher in Wales, has a host of resources on prayer including prayer themes, liturgy themes, the church year, basics of Christian belief, and sermons.

Spirituality Today

* * Published from 1949 to 1992 by the Chicago Dominican province, issues of this journal from 1982 to 1992 are now available online in full text, browsable by date, author, or title.


***An online community for Christian spiritual formation, with a community link for you to dialogue in forum discussions about your journey, guidance for spiritual disciplines, prayer exercises, book resources, articles, videos, and audio.


Greater Toronto Inter-Faith initiatives, c.1940-2013. Lists events, website resources, and organizations in the GTA.