Trinity One Talks: Prof. Joseph Wong

On January 17th, Dr. Joseph Wong (the Ralph and Roz Halbert Professor of Innovation at UofT's Munk School of Global Affairs and Canada Research Chair) spoke to Trinity One about the research initiative he leads out of the Munk School: “Reaching the Hard to Reach.”  The Reach project focuses on examining the delivery of social services to those who are hardest to reach – the poorest of the poor; many of whom are homeless or live far in the countryside; they make lack formal identification; or they are socially marginalized because of their ethnicity or gender.  Each project under the Reach umbrella is selected, researched, and finally executed by a small group of UofT students (including several Trinity One alumni), who conduct preliminary research here at the university before going abroad to carry out field research.  In his talk, Dr. Wong outlined the findings of two completed Reach projects: one that considered improvements in South African birth registration and the other that studied the Bolsa Familia conditional cash transfer program in Brazil.