Trinity One Anne Steacy Biomedical Health Stream


The Anne Steacy Biomedical Health Stream is targeted towards students in the Life Sciences. Students examine some of the most challenging issues that confront modern health science. From the understanding of disease mechanisms through the development of innovative therapies, the pace of scientific discovery is accelerating towards greater understanding at the cellular level of what constitutes “health” and how it can go wrong. 

The Anne Steacy Biomedical Health Stream will examine the scientific principles underlying contemporary issues in health science and use these as a platform that builds towards understanding the process of scientific discovery from initial idea to public dissemination of the results.

This stream is complemented by the Basic Science Departments of the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Toronto Affiliated Hospitals and by programs such as the Human Biology Program of the Faculty of Arts and Science. 



The Anne Steacy Biomedical Health Stream is composed of two full year seminar credits (TRN125Y and TRN225Y). Students in this stream enroll in TRN125Y in first year and TRN225Y in second year. The seminar credits in this stream are offered over two years to give students the option of taking, as part of the typical 5.0 credit load in first year, one full credit in math, chemistry, biology and physics in addition to the first-year Trinity One full credit.



TRN125Y - Contemporary Issues in Health Science 

This course focuses on the scientific principles underlying current controversial issues in the health sciences. The course will explore contemporary topics such as stem cells, transplantation, regenerative medicine, vaccination, and personalized medicine from the perspective of developing opinion based on scientific understanding.



TRN225Y - The Art of Health Science Discovery

Students will be guided through the stages of the scientific discovery process. This includes, the initial idea, through literature review, funding (grant writing and assessment), experimental design and critical analysis of data, through to the public dissemination of results by publication, and the patent process and development of intellectual property.



Students from this stream will typically be those who are looking to graduate with a major or specialist degree from one of the Basic Science Departments of the Faculty of Medicine, or from the Human Biology program in the Faculty of Arts and Science. The Biomedical Health stream is particularly suited to students who may be considering a career in research.