Trinity One Anne Steacy Medicine & Global Health Stream


The Anne Steacy Medicine & Global Health Stream is targeted towards students in both the Arts and the Life Sciences. This stream is an ideal fit for students with an interest in public health who are looking to gain a broader understanding of the impact that progress in the Health Sciences is having on society.

The courses in this stream examine some of the most challenging issues in medical research and public health. From stem cells and transplantation, to the development of new drugs and treatments, new therapies come with costs that are both financial and social. There are enormous challenges associated with all aspects of health care delivery, from the policies required to establish and maintain the Canadian health care system to the challenges associated with making health care available throughout the world.

The Anne Steacy Medicine & Global Health Stream is complemented by the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and the School for Public Policy and Governance. 




Students in the Medicine & Global Health Stream enroll in two seminar credits in their first year.


TRN135Y - Science and Social Choice

Many of the decisions we make as a society rely on advances in scientific knowledge. In this course, we will discuss a number of contemporary medical topics that involve complex scientific discoveries about health, the human body, disease, and infection. We will consider genes and study the medical implications of our growing understanding of the human genome. We will study a number of recent cases in order to explore how scientific findings influence decision-making in hospitals and the selection of social policies. We will also discuss the background forces that shape medical research and how this affects the kinds of health problems that are prioritized. The objective of this course is to develop a solid understanding of biological concepts related to human health and consider them in their wider social and ethical contexts.

Breadth Requirement: 3) Society and Its Institutions + 4) Living Things and Their Environment


TRN136Y - Canadian Health Policy in the Global Context

This course explores public health policy in Canada and connects it to the global political context. We study the evolution of Canadian healthcare into its current form and then turn to international institutional arrangements that offer different approaches to a range of health policy challenges, including universal health care, antimicrobial drug resistance, infectious disease, non-communicable diseases, maternal newborn and child health and environmental health. 

Breadth Requirement: 3) Society and Its Institutions



The Anne Steacy Medicine & Global Health Stream's partner, Health Studies, offers an undergraduate Major that is likely to be of interest to students. Some students will graduate with a major or specialist degree from one of the Basic Science Departments of the Faculty of Medicine, or from the Human Biology program in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Others pursue programs in Global Health, Public Policy, Bioethics, or International Relations. Many combine majors from both groups.