Trinity One Anne Steacy Health Science & Society Stream


The Anne Steacy Health Science and Society Stream is targeted towards students in the Life Sciences who are looking to gain a broader understanding of the impact that progress in the Health Sciences is having on society. 

The courses in this stream examine some of the most challenging issues that confront us today. From stem cells and transplantation, to the development of new drugs and treatments, new therapies come with costs that are both financial and social. There are enormous challenges associated with all aspects of health care delivery, from the policies required to establish and maintain the Canadian health care system to the challenges associated with making health care available throughout the world.

The Anne Steacy Health Science and Society Stream is complemented by the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and the School for Public Policy and Governance. 



The Anne Steacy Health Science and Society Stream is composed of two full credits of Trinity One seminars, including a full year seminar and two semester long seminars. Students enroll in TRN135Y in first year and TRN235H and TRN236H in second year. The two seminar credits in this stream are offered over two years to give students the option of taking, as part of the typical 5.0 credit load in first year, one full credit in math, chemistry, biology and physics in addition to the first-year Trinity One full year seminar.



TRN135Y - Science and Social Choice (One credit) 

The focus of this course is on the social consequences of science. Topics such as genes and genetic determinism; evolutionary explanations of behaviour and disease; scientific uncertainty and public communication will be covered.



TRN235H - Health Policy in Canada: Past, Present and Future (Half credit) 

This course explores the nature and impact of public health policy in Canada and describes the origins of Canadian health policy, its evolution towards its current form and the choices resulting from aging populations and the increasing costs associated with a high standard of health care.

TRN236H - The Politics of Global Health (Half credit) 

This course explores the nature and impact of policy relationships designed to improve global public health. The course will explore the analytical tools necessary to study these institutional arrangements and examine successes and failures of these policy relationships across a range of global health policy challenges including infectious disease and child health.



Students enrolled in the Anne Steacy Health Science and Society Stream of the Trinity One program will typically be students who are looking to graduate with a major or specialist degree from one of the Basic Science Departments of the Faculty of Medicine, or from the Human Biology program in the Faculty of Arts and Science, potentially combining this with a program in Global Health, Public Policy, or International Relations.