Angela Hou (International Relations Stream, 2015) speaks about how Trinity One helped shape her research skills and contributed to her receiving the 2017 U of T Undergraduate Research prize.

"My participation and learning in the Trinity One IR Stream was integral to my success in HIS344. Trinity One provided me with the most rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience among all my first-year courses. Trin One exposed me to primary historical sources, foundational literature in political science, the art of research and many more. Specifically, through writing final research papers in Trinity One, my professors supported me and equipped me with the necessary skills to work on long, daunting upper-year course assignments. Most importantly, the rigour of the Trinity One program taught me to embrace and explore academic challenges. Without Trinity One, I would have imagined or feeling comfortable challenging myself with a third year history course in my second year. Overall, Trinity One allowed me to discover my academic passions and empowered me to conduct effective research.”

To read more about the prize visit the University of Toronto Library website.