Meals for Non-Resident Students

If you are a Trinity student and not living in residence:

  • you are automatically a member of NRAC (the Non-Resident Affairs Committee, a branch of student government)
  • you need to eat!

As a Trinity NRAC student, you get:

  • 15 free meals (full time)
  • 10 free meals (part-time)

Your free NRAC meals are automatically loaded on your U of T student card (T-Card). Just have your T-Card swiped at the dining hall entrance. Strachan Hall is open for all meals, while St. Hilda's, Melinda Seaman, is only open for breakfast from Monday - Friday.

Great value meal options:

Questions: contact the  Office of the Dean of Students after the first week of term.  

  1. Buy a supplementary 10-meal plan for just $103.00 ($10.30/meal). Taxes included. Valid at any meal. All you can eat. Variety, rotating menu, vegetarian and vegan options. Pay at the Office of the Dean of Students (debit or credit) and the plan will be added to your T-Card. 5% discount for purchases of 5 plans or more.

  2. Buy individual meals.  Breakfast $6.50; lunch $10.50; dinner $12.50, special dinners $16.00. Taxes included.  All you can eat.  Payable by cash at the door.  

Fall 2016