Peer Counsellors

Peer counsellors are students in the 3rd or 4th year of their programs who provide guidance and advice to 1st year students throughout the academic year. They provide unofficial advice and assistance in the selection of courses and programs (for the final word, please do see the Registrar's Office). If you are studying something pretty far-fetched and there is no Academic Don for your subject, or if you are just looking for good advice from people who have been through it before, talk to a Peer Counsellor.

Peer Counsellor Contact Information for 2014-2015

Senior Peer Counsellors

Peter Fettes              Neuroscience     
Ishita Petkar History

Peer Counsellors

River Jiang Biochemistry
Hana Carrozza Classics
Alexander Gabinet-Equihua Commerce
Kyra Assaad Computer Science
Kristina Maitland Criminology
Ariella Minden Cultural Studies
Sarom Rho East Asian Studies
Xiangwei Kong Economics
Breen Wilkinson English
Polly Karpazis Ethics, Society and Law
Arun Radhakrishnan Human Biology
Farzan Pavri Immunology
Emily Tsui International Relations
Quan Chinh Le Math
Jenny Chen Pharmacology and Toxicology
Thomas Slabon Philosophy
Jody Chan Physics
Anastasiya Muntyanu Physiology
Sheena Singh Political Science
Veronica Stewart Psychology