About The Trinity Fund

For many generations, Trinity College has been a home for our students, nurturing them academically and socially as they find their place in the world. In an ever-changing world, Trinity remains a solid presence in the lives of current students and alumni alike, a place where life-long friendships begin and careers are built.

In turn, Trinity alumni and friends sustain the College through the Trinity Fund. Each year, over 1,000 people donate nearly $1 million to support the Trinity difference.  The Trinity Fund allows the College to maintain the programs and features that make it so special: 

  • The John W. Graham Library that supports Trinity's academic programs and high-demand university subjects with exceptional research collections and services
  • The Faculty of Divinity, a leading centre for theological education for over 150 years
  • The Writing and Math Centres, working with students to help diagnose problems and help develop more effective skills
  • Trinity's heritage buildings and contemplative quadrangle outdoor space

Trinity College continues to attract talented and engaged youth from around the world with our distinctive educational programs, high-quality services that foster academic excellence and social growth, our exceptional library and an inspiring architectural setting.  Every gift makes a significant difference in the lives of Trinity College's students. Let our students tell you how: Click here

Do you have questions about how you can support Trinity College? For more information about the Trinity Fund, please contact Michael Page, Development Officer, Leadership and Annual Giving at 416-971-3193 or m.page@utoronto.ca