Inquiries about available dates and times can be made by contacting the Reservations Office, (416) 978-8680. A tentative date and time can be held for a period of two weeks pending receipt and approval of your application. However, please note these are not confirmed reservations. To secure your reservation, please fill out the application form here (PDF 50K) and submit it, along with your chapel user fee (see below), to the Reservations Office. Written confirmation of your reservation, along with a receipt for payment of the fee, is normally provided within two weeks, following approval by the chaplain's office. (The fee is payable by cheque to "Trinity College.")


Due to a high level of college activities and the serious risk of disruption of a wedding ceremony, we limit the number of weddings scheduled during the academic year from September through May.


Due to the number of requests for the chapel, it is essential that each wedding start on time, in order not to inconvenience the next wedding party. These times are arranged with the Reservations Office, not the chaplain's office, before you send in your application. Wedding times are 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Evening weddings are subject to staff availability.



The chapel user fee of $1,200 + $156 HST ($1,356) is payable with your application. This includes the fee for the organist and the Verger, but does not include the honorarium for the officiant (see Clergy Honorarium below). A receipt will be provided with a letter of confirmation from the chaplain's office, or returned if the application is declined. In the event that you cancel after the booking has been confirmed, a $400 cancellation fee will be retained by the college. (GST/HST Registration No. R11926 9751.)


The clergy fee is arranged between the couple and the officiant. It is normally related to the amount of time spent with the officiating cleric, the number of sessions together, and associated costs for which the officiant or the chaplain's office is responsible, e.g., service leaflets, travel, long-distance calls, etc. The fee range is between $300 and $450, depending on the factors outlined above; some officiants charge a set fee.