A/V Support for Professors in Trinity Classrooms & Theatre

Classrooms in Trinity College, St. Hilda's College and the Larkin Building

Trinity College has ten standard classrooms in its three buildings that are suitable for classes from 20 to 70 students.  Room descriptions, including photos and ground plans, are available from the University of Toronto Academic and Campus Events website.  A pdf summary for the standard classrooms can be downloaded from this webpage.  

Download a pdf version of the room photos and descriptions for the Standard classrooms

All Trinity College standard classrooms are equipped with a U of T Junior Teaching Station Equivalent and printed instructions are posted in every room to assist professors in managing their A/V support needs.  Internet access (Wifi and LAN networks) are managed by U of T and accessed via UTORid. 

Download a pdf version of the Trinity College Classroom Projector Instructions

Cartwright Hall AV equipment operates slightly differently from the other Trinity College standard classrooms.  Download a pdf version of the projector instructions for Cartwright Hall, St. Hilda's College.  

Trinity IT staff support the Trinity College standard classrooms but they are not on standby for immediate or in-class support although problems with the projectors or Lan Jacks should be reported to them at 416-978-2522 ext 4715.  

 George Ignatieff Theatre

Professors teaching in the theatre can expect the equivalent A/V support of a U of T Junior Teaching Station, including access to the U of T Wireless network, just as they could expect in any other Trinity classroom.  

However, because the theatre is also a performance facility and the activities taking place in the theatre change daily, professors are asked to complete a equipment request survey and to meet with the theatre staff to arrange their a/v support and test their connections.  A GIT technician is on standby for immediate in-class support at the start of every lecture. If problems occur during class, please report them at 416-978-4166 X1. 

Download a pdf version of the George Ignatieff Theatre Classroom Welcome to our Professors