Trinity College Dramatic Society

The TCDS Production of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Fall 2009
photo by: Julia Matheson-Raffaghello


The Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS) is a student organized group dedicated to the production of amateur performances at Trinity College. The George Ignatieff Theatre is their primary performance facility.

The season runs from September to April and comprises between 3 and 5 shows per year. 

September: Shakespeare in the Quad, a cherished Trinity tradition
October:  A full-scale production, often a classical show like Shakespeare, Sheridan or Sophocles
January: An original script produced for the U of T Drama Play Festival at Hart House and a modern production presented in full-scale
March:   This varies widely from small-scale two-handers to full-scale musicals.

Students are encouraged to propose plays for productions and should keep an eye out around the College for notices.  Successful proposals receive a moderate budget, rehearsal space and performance facilities.  Technical production and design consultation is provided by the Theatre Manager but the shows are fully student staffed and operated.  This is a theatre performance group that is run for students by students. The TCDS also elects a number of students to an executive at the end of each academic year. Sitting on the executive allows a wide variety of opportunities for involvement in all things TCDS.

Although primarily composed of Trinity College students, the TCDS does permit non-Trinity students to participate in their productions. For more details contact the TCDS directly at or consult their website at