Food Services Commitment


Nourishing Success
At Trinity College we believe in the importance of supporting the whole person by providing delicious, healthy and ethically procured food to nourish the body, mind and conscience.  Our food choices reflect our values.  Excellent food is a critical element in cultivating and supporting student health and wellness, and ultimately, overall student success.

Trinity is your home away from home
With the fundamental goal of "returning to scratch cooking" (everything made in-house), using fresh local ingredients, changes will be phased in over the course of 2015-16 and beyond.

Trinity College is committed to providing wholesome and nutritious food, using the freshest possible ingredients.  We offer balanced options: variety and choice, accommodation of dietary needs and creativity.  Recipes are cooked in small batches for delicious results, without any hidden additives or artificial flavours.

Recognizing that Strachan Hall is the cherished social centre of the College, we are enthusiastic to be fostering an exciting and positive food culture at the College.