Trinity's Commitment to Health and Wellness

An education at Trinity College goes beyond an excellent academic experience. We strive to provide the best academic experience for our students, while fostering community, responsibility and leadership.

Personal well-being and academic performance are closely linked: the academic experience must extend to development of the full person, which requires provision of robust support outside of the classroom.

Trinity students are so accomplished in their academic lives and beyond.   Their university years are a period of intense development.  This very formative time is accompanied by intellectual and emotional growth, periods of questioning and confusion, and other unexpected challenges. 

Our goal is to foster the development of our students into confident, productive, and resilient young adults: individuals who will be empowered to achieve their aspirations and make the best of their talents.

Our Health and Wellness program aims to support student success across all of the various dimensions of student needs.    In addition to existing resources, we are expanding our supports, web presence and some current focus areas to include the following:

  • Food: Health and Nutrition
  • Mental Health: Stress Management, Resilience, Managing Failure, Crisis
  • Equity & Diversity: Feeling Empowered in a Supportive Community
  • Sexual Violence: Education, Prevention, Support