Statutes for Trinity College and St. Hilda's College

Resolution of the Corporation May 4, 1995
An Act to Incorporate Trinity College 
Royal Charter of Trinity College

tatutes and Certain Regulations of Trinity College

Regulations Concerning the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor or Pro-Chancellor
Regulations Concerning Honorary Fellows
Regulations for Student Representation
Regulations Concerning Student Discipline
Regulations for Academic Dress

Regulations for the Faculty of Divinity
Regulations Concerning Diplomas, Licentiate and Degrees

Regulations Concerning the Academic Staff

Letters Patent Continuing St. Hilda's College
Statutes of St. Hilda's College


Trinity College was established by a Special Act of the Province of Canada on August 2, 1851. The act defined the Corporation of Trinity College as consisting of the Lord Bishop of Toronto and the Bishops of any dioceses into which the Diocese of Toronto might in future be divided, the members of a College Council appointed as might be directed by the Statutes of the College, and a number of Trustees appointed in like manner.

A Royal Charter, dated July 16, 1852, granted to Trinity College all the privileges of a university with the right to confer degrees, and provided for the appointment of a Chancellor.

Under agreement, dated August 25, 1903, and in accordance with the University Act of 1901, the University of Trinity College entered into federation with the University of Toronto. While agreeing to suspend during such federation its right to confer degrees in other faculties, it retained the right to confer degrees in the Faculty of Theology and to elect a Chancellor.

Instruction in the College is at present organized under two Faculties of Arts and Divinity.

Since federation, the college curriculum in Arts is submitted for approval to the Faculty of Arts and Science of the University of Toronto; and students in Arts at Trinity College proceed to the degrees of the University.

St. Hilda's College was incorporated under its own Act, dated February 11, 1890, to provide higher education for women within the University of Trinity College. The Corporation of St. Hilda's College was continued by Letters Patent of the Province of Ontario dated June 25, 1956; certain of its members are designated Trustees of St. Hilda's College. Since 1894 the academic programmes of St. Hilda's and Trinity Colleges have been fully integrated. St. Hilda's College provides residence and common rooms for women students, and academic facilities which are used by both Faculties of Trinity College.

Trinity College is one of the member colleges of the Toronto School of Theology. In 1979 an agreement was concluded with the University of Toronto whereby certain degrees in Theology are jointly conferred by the College and the University.

Convocation has been entrusted with the work of strengthening and maintaining the College and of promoting its interests. The membership of Convocation includes all graduates and former students together with other friends of the College who by reason of their contribution to Trinity College have been recognized as Associates of Convocation.

On May 4, 1995 a special meeting of the Corporation gave unanimous approval to a motion to amend the Statutes and Regulations of Trinity College as revised and consolidated April 22, 1982 so as, among other reasons, to establish a Senate and Board of Trustees to replace the College Council and Executive Committee of Corporation that existed under the 1982 statutes.

The statutes and regulations (or by-laws) of the College must be approved by Corporation, and those contained in this publication are as of April 13, 2000 when amendments were passed to the statutes and regulations as substantially revised July 1, 1996.

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