Health and Safety

Trinity College has been awarded one of the Education Safety Association President's Safety Achievement Awards.  The President's Safety Achievement Award recognizes ESAO clients who manage an exemplary health and safety program and demonstrate outstanding commitment to creating a workplace culture that makes safety a top priority.  By focusing on client's achievements, we are emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and encouraging the development of innovative solutions to health and safety issues.

University of Trinity College Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Trinity College to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all workers, students, volunteers, visitors and contractors.

The management of the College is committed to:

1. preventing occupational illness and injury, and unsafe and unhealthy conditions on College property;
2. ensuring compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations relating to health and safety;
3. holding supervisors accountable for conducting assigned health and safety activities and for ensuring safe and healthy work conditions in their area of responsibility;
4. making all employees responsible for working safely and for reporting unsafe or unhealthy conditions; and
5. developing procedures and standards, and providing appropriate equipment necessary to achieve the above.

Employees who fail to meet their health and safety obligations may face discipline up to and including discharge.  It is also the responsibility of employees to participate in and comply with the College’s early and safe Return to Work program.  Contractors who fail to follow College health and safety policies and procedures may have their contracts modified or terminated.

A record of the College’s health and safety procedures, standards and activities is maintained by the management Co-chair of the Joint Health and Safety Committee, duly constituted under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. 

It is in all our interests to make safety a top priority in our daily activities.  We encourage every employee to renew his or her commitment to the College’s Health and Safety Policy. 

Mayo Moran, Provost
Sharon Reid, Co-Chair, JH&SC

January 22, 2019

Joint Health & Safety Committee members




Sharon Reid (Co-Chair)

George Ignatieff Theatre

Tina Sarkar-Thompson Human Resources
Cera Maugey

Provost's Office

Christopher Clark

Facility Services

Adam Hogan

Office of the Dean of Students

Tim Connelly

Facility Services

Jason MacIntyre

Bursar’s Office

Jesse Chen

Sergio Martinez

Facility Service
Facility Services



Laurel Coo

Graham Library

Marilyn Laville

Administrative Staff (Larkin)

Delia Pacheco

Service Worker I & II





Quain Buchanan

Facility Services

Varun Arora

Food Services

Dadir Yusuf

Mayo Moran (Provost)


Provost's Office

Trinity College Annual Report on Health and Safety Program 2016

Mandatory Health & Safety Awareness Training Information and On-line training module

Trinity College Health and Safety Manual 2015