Giving Tuesday: Nov. 28 | Thank You for Your Support

Posted Nov 24, 2017 5:20 pm

On behalf of all the Trinity students, including me, whose lives you touched over the past year, thank you.

Photo Amitpal Singh Class of 2017

"Like many of my peers, I felt the strong presence of Trinity’s alumni in my daily life at the College. This ranged from personal interactions with past graduates at dinners, receptions, and volunteer events, to the extraordinary generosity of which I was a fortunate beneficiary.

Like a number of my peers, I needed additional support to finance my undergraduate degree at Trinity. During my time as a student, I had many conversations with those peers that mirrored my own experience with the generosity of Trinity alumni. There were stories about how a hard-earned scholarship had dispelled worries about post-graduation debt, or relieved the need to take on a part-time job. In so doing, this support freed up invaluable time to participate in extracurricular activities, or to commit an extra few hours to an upcoming assignment or exam.

The same theme ran through conversations with other classmates about how a commute was significantly shortened because staying on or close to campus or travelling to a conference was made possible by the support of a donor. I know that being able to live within touching distance of the incredible resources that this College, campus, and city have to offer enriched my university experience immeasurably.

More than anything however, the support of Trinity’s donor community gave me the opportunity to benefit from the modern university experience without having to attend to the difficult practicalities that often accompany it. For me, it made real the ideal of university, as first and foremost a place for people to explore the profound ideas that have shaped our world. It gave me the opportunity to tackle enduring questions about truth, reality and what matters, all with the support of an incredible community. In this way, donors continue Trinity College’s rich tradition of helping to make the dreams and ideals of its students a reality.

On behalf of all the Trinity students, including me, whose lives you touched over the past year, thank you."

- Amitpal Singh 1T7

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