Trinity College Dean of Arts Advisory Committee

Posted Jan 23, 2018 9:51 am

Dear Members of the Trinity Community:

Professor Michael Ratcliffe will complete his final year of his three-year term as Dean of Arts and Vice-Provost of Trinity College on June 30, 2018. Prof. Ratcliffe is eligible for reappointment.

In accordance with the Statutes and Certain Regulations of Trinity College and the terms of the Federation Framework Agreement, I have struck a Dean of Arts Advisory Committee to recommend the appointment of the Dean of Arts and Vice-Provost of Trinity College. This position is similar to the role of Principal in other Federated Colleges at the University of Toronto.

The composition of the Trinity College Dean of Arts Advisory Committee is as follows:

Prof. Mayo Moran (Chair): Provost and Vice-Chancellor, Trinity College
Prof. Sandy Welsh: Vice-Provost, Students, University of Toronto
Prof. David Cameron: Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto
Prof. Randy Boyagoda: Principal and Vice-President, University of St. Michael’s College
Andrew McFarlane: Vice-Chair, Trinity College Board of Trustees
Prof. Chris Brittain: Dean of Divinity and Margaret E. Fleck Chair in Anglican Studies, Trinity College
Prof. Alberto Martin: Fellow, Senator, Trinity College
Dr. Simone Davis: Instructor, Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program, Trinity College
John Papadopoulos: Nicholls Librarian and Director, John W. Graham Library, Trinity College
Kristen Moore: Dean of Students, Trinity College
Katie Fettes: Undergraduate Student, Trinity College
Andreas Kyriakos: Undergraduate Student, Trinity College
Helen Yarish: Human Resources Officer & Secretary of the Corporation, Trinity College

The Committee welcomes nominations and comments from members of the Trinity and broader university community by Friday, February 23, 2018.

Please direct your correspondence to the attention of Helen Yarish by email ( or by mail (Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto, M5S 1H8).

For those who prefer to submit comments anonymously, the Committee has also set up a confidential email account at Comments submitted to this email account will be shared with the Committee but the identity of the sender will remain anonymous. 

Mayo Moran
Provost and Vice- Chancellor