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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit do I get from belonging to a college?

Your college provides a smaller home within the larger University of Toronto. While all colleges provide similar student services and activities, each has its own personality and traditions. Your college serves as a support system where you can readily access academic, personal and financial advising. Your college will also likely be the major focus of your social life through clubs, social events and other community and student-run activities. You may even live at your college as a residence student. Think of your college as your home base within the University of Toronto and likely where you’ll meet some of your best friends.

Is it true that Trinity College is the most difficult college to get into, and if so, should I even bother to apply? What are the cut-offs?

Although Trinity’s admission averages tend to be higher than the Faculty of Arts & Science’s, we do not have set “cut-off” marks. In addition to your overall academic record, we also take into account your Trinity College Applicant Profile.

Does Trinity have to be my first choice among colleges on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto in order for me to be considered for acceptance by Trinity?

Yes, because more students request a place at Trinity than we can accept. If, for example, 1,000 students request Trinity as their first choice, and we only have 400 spots for first-year students, we will choose our 400 out of that 1,000 and will not be able to consider students who have listed Trinity as a second choice.

Do I have to complete the Trinity College Applicant Profile?

For full information on the Applicant Profile, please click here.

Does being a Trinity College student limit my enrollment in courses or programs?

Your college affiliation has no restriction on what you can study. Whichever college you choose, you will have access to all courses and programs in the Faculty of Arts & Science – there are hundreds of options! And you can enroll in one of Trinity’s academic programs, regardless of college affiliation.

Will I be able to take courses at Trinity College?

Yes, the College has many courses at the introductory level, which allow students to take seminars in a small-group setting. The College sponsors three programs on behalf of the Faculty of Arts & Science: Ethics, Society & Law, Immunology and International Relations. Trinity also has a first-year program called the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program, which has six streams to choose from!


Questions? Contact:

Office of the Registrar
Trinity College – Student Services Centre
6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario  M5S 1H8