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Information for Families

Welcome to the Trinity College community! We are excited to welcome your family member into our community. The transition to university life is an exciting and challenging experience for students and their families alike. The intent of this webpage is to provide you information and resources to support you, your student and your family.


Our Trinity College Student Services Department is composed of the Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Dean of Students.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar provides Trinity College students with academic as well as financial advising and can refer students to additional specialized services offered by the University of Toronto. The Office of the Registrar also supports students through administering bursary and scholarship applications as well as processing requests for letters of enrollment. Students can drop by the Student Services Centre front desk, reach out by email, or book an appointment for one-on-one advising.

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for oversight of the non-academic aspects of student life at the College, with the ultimate goal of fostering the well-being and academic success of Trinity students. This includes,

  • Coordination and supervision of residence admission, placement and operations
  • Provision of support and leadership to students, clubs and student government
  • Support students with their health and wellness needs
  • Provision of emergency and crisis response and liaising with appropriate resources
  • Supervision of the student life aspect of the Academic Don staff portfolio
  • Supervision of the residence Community Assistants


Wellness Packages

During the fall and winter semesters, the Office of the Dean of Students organizes the sale of Wellness Packages for students. Details will be provided to students and their families when Wellness Packages are available for ordering.

Trinity Magazine

As a member of Trinity College, your student is starting down the road to becoming part of the growing community of Trinity alumni. To find out more about what is happening in the alumni community, take a look at the most recent edition of the Trinity Magazine.


Trinity College Health & Wellness Services

Overall well-being, including mental, emotional and physical health, is a significant part of what makes students academically successful. Trinity College is committed to addressing students’ health & wellness needs by providing a variety of services, programs and supports to students.  Click here for more information about health & wellness supports, services, and events at Trinity.

Trinity College Academic Supports

Trinity offers a number of academic support services to assist students in their studies, including, math and writing support, academic dons, peer advisors, learning strategists, accessibility advisor and career educator. These services are available to all Trinity College students and are free to use.

Trinity College Student Life Programs and Services
University of Toronto Health & Wellness Services
University of Toronto Programs and Services



Trinity College is required by law to protect each student’s confidentiality. This means that access to information about your student is different than it was during high school. University faculty and staff can only share details of a student’s enrollment, finances and other aspects of student life with the student themselves. We understand that this transition can be challenging for both students and family members. However, learning to manage administrative responsibilities is also an important part of every student’s development – a process our staff are very experienced in supporting them through. We encourage students to engage with faculty and staff when they have questions, comments or concerns, as well as to talk to you, their parents and families, about their experience here at university.

Questions? Contact:

Office of the Registrar

Office of the Dean of Students