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Spring Orientation: Trin 101

There are many opportunities to begin getting oriented to your new community at Trinity College and the University of Toronto, even before you arrive on campus in September!  In June all newly admitted students will receive an invitation by email to join our Trin 101 online program, which will run over the entire summer.  In the Trin 101 program you’ll have the opportunity to connect with upper-year student e-mentors, explore modules on many topics related to university life including degree and program requirements, course enrollment, finances, and residence life, and join in-person and online events to meet your fellow incoming Trinity first-year students.

Another great way to get to know Trinity is by taking part in a tour!  We are thrilled to offer in-person tours, live online tours, a virtual 360 tour, and recorded video tours of our campus.  All live tours are hosted by current Trinity students.  For more details please see our Tours page.

The Faculty of Arts and Science at U of T will also be holding in-person and online welcome events for newly admitted students through the spring and summer, as well as offering a variety of tour options for both the faculty and larger university campuses.  Find more information on their Future Students’ Events and Campus Tours page.

Finally, should you have any questions about Trinity College or the University of Toronto in general, please feel free to contact us throughout the summer at trinity.registrar@utoronto.ca.

We look forward to connecting with all our newly admitted students soon!

Questions? Contact:

Office of the Registrar