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Code of Conduct

As a member of the ConnecTRIN platform, I acknowledge and agree to comply with the following program guidelines and components to make this experience as successful as possible:

  • ConnecTRIN is intended for official College use; use of any information contained therein for any other purpose is prohibited and constitutes misappropriation of College property.
  • Trinity officials are not involved or responsible for the matching of mentors with mentees and vice-versa. Members are free to accept or refuse to initiate a relationship.
  • Members are expected to maintain professional conduct at all times free from discrimination and harassment in all forms.
  • All information within the platform shall remain strictly confidential. Members will not disclose, share, duplicate or distribute any personal information without consent.
  • Participants must ensure all communications and interactions are pursued at all times in a professional, business-like, respectful and civil manner, both in terms of content and tone.
  • Participants agree to the collection and use of their personal information by Trinity College for the purpose of coordinating ConnecTRIN. In accordance with Canadian privacy legislation, Trinity will not disclose, share, duplicate or distribute personal information beyond the express purpose of ConnecTRIN and University of Toronto record management.
  • Participants understand and agree that the personal information contained on the alumni directory for the purposes of coordinating ConnecTRIN will be visible to all members who are participating in the program.
  • Participants agree that Trinity College may contact them directly with messages related to the ConnecTRIN platform, provided that participants shall be permitted to withdraw this consent at any time by contacting alumni@trinity.utoronto.ca.
  • Participants agree to act in good faith at all times and not to hold Trinity College, the University of Toronto, or other participants liable for any consequences that may arise through his or her participation in ConnecTRIN.
  • Trinity College reserves the right to remove participants from ConnecTRIN at any time, without notice, and at its absolute discretion.

ConnecTRIN is for you, our students and alumni. Please share your feedback, let us know what’s working, what’s missing and how we can improve at alumni@trinity.utoronto.ca.