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Words of Encouragement

Congratulations Class of 2020! Even though we can’t celebrate in person, the Trinity community is behind you.

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Dear 2T0,

I want to congratulate you wholeheartedly on your graduation – it is a wonderful achievement!

I have no doubt that with all of the learned knowledge and skills, and patience and perseverance, you will find your way to future life milestones.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Trinity College events, and welcoming you to our amazing alumni community!

— Nina Boric, Chair, Alumni Association of Trinity College, A&S (2004)

Congratulations to the class of 2020, especially those we have come to know and to our own amazing daughter Katie. We were so looking forward to your graduation and celebrating with you all. Congratulations to all of you. Wishing you a wonderful future filled with adventure and great things. Come back to Trinity for the reunions, they are a wonderful part of being a member of Trinity. See you at those reunions.
— Fiona and Pat, A&S (1985)

Even though these are uncertain and anxious times, you deserve to celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy your successes. You are an important, esteemed part of Trin’s legacy, and you will go on to do incredible things!

— Jennifer Del Riccio A&S (2018)

I want to tell you that life will get better. I graduated into a recession in 1982 so worked for a year at several jobs and then applied to grad school. After my call to the Ont Bar as a lawyer in 1990 I graduated into another recession and most of my law school peers lost their jobs. I had to move to BC and re-article. I then hit another recession in 1998 after moving into the interior of BC and starting out as a sole practitioner with no money and debts. Try to fill your lives with friends, family, intellectual stimulation and some form of exercise. I am lucky now having a husband and several dogs for emotional support. Of course, a good glass of wine or beer also helps!

— Heidi Zetzsche, A&S (1982), Donor

Dear class of 2T0:
You are completing a wonderful chapter in your life, and are now entering a new one. In normal circumstances this would provide you with challenges and choices. These times are not normal, and consequently you face unique challenges. I hope that you choose to find the positive and constructive aspects of the new normal. I hope that you harness your gifts, your intellect and creativity to seek a more just, fair and kind world. I wish you all the best in your career and your life.

— Isabel Weeks, A&S (1971)

Congratulations, Class of 2020! You’ve proven to the world that NOTHING — not even a pandemic, or all the stresses that come with it — will stop you from achieving your goals. I hope you can still celebrate with your loved ones, who must be so proud of you. Sending you all the very best for your future endeavours!

— Grace Choi, A&S (2006)

Congratulations Trinity College class of 2020! In the last few years you’ve fostered an incredible community that has been a part of and seen tremendous change in so many ways. Graduating from Trinity College shows that you are capable of academic excellence and as we move into the future together we look forward to your leadership and contributions to the broader world that so define our students. Welcome to the new community of Trinity graduates, and congratulations again!

– Cameron McBurney, staff

Take a moment to breathe in the power of your achievement. The road ahead is likely different from what you expected. Know that you are ready. This is your time to create your own road map and meet any issues you might encounter by transforming them into challenge statements. Allow yourself to listen, be curious and solution thinking. Observe how quickly a “no” that becomes “not yet” transforms into “yes!” — you got this!

— Staff

Warmest congratulations on your graduation. The current situation seems very unreal, but you must believe that your life, and life as we know it, will continue…maybe somewhat modified but will certainly continue. Your hopes and dreams are very achievable as long as you keep your focus on the prize and You are the Prize! You can achieve anything you want with knowledge.

Having recently gone through this global new awareness of “how vulnerable we all are” and the necessary adjustments that will be required, has adequately prepared you for a new world of change.  A world where you can really make a difference by adjusting what we have done in the past to creating a brilliant new future for us all. Now is the time to be bold and relentless in your quest for “Change” resulting in a better world for all of us! We are all looking forward to your fresh new ideas. We need them now! You can make a difference in all our lives if you focus on what is important… how you can improve your life while improving others.
Go for It!


Just when you think that you’ve seen it all! I certainly didn’t see the current Covid-19 crisis coming, but when I graduated 44 years ago (gulp!) there were many things I have subsequently encountered in life and in ministry which I did not see coming. Nevertheless, the education which I received at Trinity and the friends that I made have stood me in good stead throughout the years. I have no doubt that what you have received at Trinity these past years will enable you not only to meet the challenges of the current situation but whatever you may encounter.

— Alumni (Div, 1976)

We wish you all the best as your carve your individual path in the world, during this uncertain time!


Intellect without compassion is wasted. As you move into the next stage of your life, look for ways to make the world better for yourself and those around you.

–Michael Kessler, The Raymond Pryke Chair; Director, Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program

Congratulations Class of 2020!

To know is to serve—with kindness and grace. May you be given great wisdom, strength and compassion as you make this world more gracious and life giving. I am so grateful for your presence and vision for our communities and our world. Be bold. Be brave. Be kind to each other and yourselves. Always.

— Joy Fitzbibbon, Associate Director, Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program, alumni (A&S, 1995), faculty, fellow

These words from the poet T.S.Eliot have been a great source of inspiration and encouragement for me. May they also be for you:

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time”

— Shauna Gundy, Alumni (Div, 2014) & donor

You have worked hard and overcome all sorts of challenges to reach this stage in your life. Congratulations on your achievement as a graduate of Trinity College. Based on your success today, I know that you will be up to meeting all the challenges that the coming months will present. You also have the great community at Trinity, staff, students and graduates, rooting for you and standing ready to help in whatever way we can. Good luck in all your endeavours! My prayers are with you.

–Philip Hobson, Alumni (A&S, 1975; Div, 1980) & donor