Prof. Varouj Aivazian

Fellow of the College
Professor, Dept. of Economics, U.T.M.
Department of Economics, University of Toronto Mississauga: 3359 Mississauga Road, 121 Kaneff Building Mississauga ON L5L 1C6
Fax: 905-569-4325

BS (Economics), MIT, 1968

MA (Economics), Ohio State, 1973

PhD (Economics), Ohio State, 1975

Research Interests:

Varouj A. Aivazian, Jeffrey Callen, Susan McCracken, “Experimental Tests of Core Theory and the Coase Theorem:Inefficiency and Cycling”, Journal of Law and Economics 52 (November) (2009), 745-759.
Varouj A. Aivazian and E. Santor, “Financial Constraints and Investment: Assessing the Impact of a World Bank Credit Program on Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka”, Canadian Journal of Economics 41 (2) (2008), 475-500.
Varouj A. Aivazian, Laurence Booth, S. Cleary, “Why some Firms Smooth Dividends and Others Do Not”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2006)
Varouj A. Aivazian, J. Qiu, Ying Ge, “The Impact of Leverage on Firm Investment: Canadian Evidence”, Journal of Corporate Finance 11 (1-2) (2005), 277-291.
Varouj A. Aivazian, Laurence Booth, V. Demirguc-Kunt, V. Maksimovic, “Capital Structures in Developing Countries”, Journal of Finance 56 (2001), 87-130.

Varouj Aivazian