Prof. Gillian S. Gillison

Fellow Emeritus of the College
Gerald Larkin Building: 15 Devonshire Pl, Room 319
Tel: 416-978-8250  88250
Fax: 416-978-2797

BA, McGill

PhD, New York

Teaching Area:
Anthropology of Religion, History of Anthropological Theory, Psychoanalytic Anthropology, Ethnography of the New Guinea Highlands and Oceania, Gender Studies, Structuralism

Research Interests:
Critique of 20th Century French Theory, Critique of Postmodernism and Gender Studies, Myth and Ritual in Non-Literate Societies

Between Culture and Fantasy: A New Guinea Highlands Mythology (U of Chicago 1993), Symbolic Homosexuality and Cultural Theory (1994), From Cannibalism to Genocide: The Work of Denial (Journal of Interdisciplinary History, MIT Press 2007), Culture. A Post-Concept? (JIH 2010)