Prof. Peter I. Hajnal

Research Associate in Arts
Munk School: Trinity College, Room 309N

DiplAssocArts (liberal arts), Sir George Williams University; now Concordia, 1961

BA (comparative literature), New School for Social Research, 1966

MSL Hon (library science), Columbia University, 1968

Teaching Area:
Information studies

Research Interests:
International relations; international organizations and institutions, particularly the G8 and G20, civil society

Books and shorter writings:

The United Nations and Its Publications: A Bibliographical Guide. Toronto: University of Toronto Library Reference Department (1976).

Guide to United Nations Organization, Documentation and Publishing. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Oceana(1978).

Guide to Unesco. London/Rome/New York: Oceana (1983).

International Information: Documents, Publications and Information Systems of International Governmental Organizations (ed.). Englewood, Co.: Libraries Unlimited (1988).

The Seven-Power Summit: Documents from the Summits of Industrialized Countries, 1975-1989. Millwood, NY: Kraus International Publications (1989) and Supplement: Documents from the 1990 Summit (1991)

Directory of United Nations Documentary and Archival Sources. Dartmouth, NH: Academic Council on the United Nations System; Millwood, NY: Kraus International Publications; New York: United Nations (1991).

International Information: Documents, Publications and Electronic Information of International Governmental Organizations, vol. 1, 2nd, rev. and enl. edition (ed.). Englewood, Co.: Libraries Unlimited (1997); vol. 2 (2001)

From G7 to G8: Evolution, Role and Documentation of a Unique Institution (eBook). New York: Columbia International Affairs Online, Columbia University Press (1998).

The G7/G8 System: Evolution, Role and Documentation . Aldershot, Eng.; Brookfield, VT.; Singapore; Sydney: Ashgate (1999).

Civil Society in the Information Age (ed.). Aldershot, Eng.; Brookfield, VT.; Singapore; Sydney: Ashgate (2002).

Sustainability, Civil Society, and International Governance: Local, North American and Global Perspectives. Edited by John J. Kirton and Peter I. Hajnal. Aldershot, Eng.; Brookfield, VT.; Singapore; Sydney: Ashgate (2006).

The G8 System and the G20: Evolution, Role and Documentation. Global Finance Series. Aldershot, Eng.; Brookfield, VT.; Singapore; Sydney: Ashgate (2007).

Also in Russian ed.: Gruppa Vos�mi i Gruppa Dvadtsati: Evoliutsiia, Rol� i Dokumentatsiia. Moscow: Logos (2008)

and Chinese ed.: Ba Guo Ji Tuan Ti Xi Yu Er Shi Guo Ji Tuan: Yan Jin, Jue Se Yu Wen Xian. Shanghai: Shanghai Ren Min Chu Ban She [Shanghai People�s Publishing House] (2010).

The G20: Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentation. Surrey: Ashgate (forthcoming February 2014).

Also numerous journal articles and chapters in books, and conference presentations.

Awards, Affiliations, Personal Interests, etc.:
Librarians’ Association of the University of Toronto Award of Merit, 1990.

1990 Academic Librarianship Award of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty

1997 James Bennett Childs Award of the American Library Association Government Documents Round Table, for a lifetime, significant contribution to the field of documents librarianship.


Research Associate, Munk School of Global Affairs

Founding Fellow, Senior College, University of Toronto

Advisor to the Graham Library, Trinity College, on G7/G8/G20-related materials

Member of: Canadian International Council, American Library Association, Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto, G8 and G20 Research Groups, Association of Former International Civil Servants, Academic Council on the United Nations System, Ex Libris Association, Union of International Associations, International Studies Association.