Prof. Simon Stern

Professor, Director, Centre for Innovation Law & Policy; Chair in Innovation Law
Fellow of the College
, Chair in Innovation Law
Faculty of Law, Flavelle House, Room 21278, Queen's Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C5

PhD (English), UC - Berkeley, 1999

JD (Law), Yale, 2003

Teaching Area:
Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Legal History, Law and Literature, 18th Century Literature

Research Interests:
Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, English Legal History, Law and Literature, 18th Century Literature

Recent and forthcoming publications (since 2013; for a full list, see:

Editor, Blackstone’s Commentaries, Variorum Edition, vol. 2 (general editor, Wilfrid Prest, forthcoming, Oxford UP, 2015)

Co-editor, The Ashgate Research Companion to Law and Humanities in Nineteenth-Century America (forthcoming 2016)

“Copyright Law, 1700-1800,” forthcoming in Oxford Handbooks Online (Literature series)

“Literary and Legal Fictions,” forthcoming in New Directions in Law and Literature, ed. Bernadette Meyler & Elizabeth Anker

“Satirical Authorship and Literary Commerce,” forthcoming in Alessa Johns, ed., Reflections on Sentiment: Essays in Honor of George Starr (U of Delaware Press, 2015).

“The Trial of Dorian Gray,” forthcoming in Richard Kaye, ed., Dorian Gray in the Twenty-First Century (Oxford UP 2015)

“Blackstone’s Legal Actors: The Passions of a Rational Jurist,” forthcoming in Nancy Johnson, ed., Impassioned Jurisprudence: Law, Literature and Emotion, 1660-1800 (Bucknell UP, Aperus series, 2015)

“Legal Fictions and Exclusionary Rules,” forthcoming in Legal Fictions in Theory and Practice, ed. William Twining & Maksymillian Del Mar (Springer 2014)

“William Blackstone: Courtroom Dramatist?” forthcoming in Wilfrid Prest, ed., Re-Interpreting Blackstone’s Commentaries (Hart, Aug. 2014), 21-29

“Law and Literature,” forthcoming in Markus D. Dubber and Tatjana Hernle, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Law (Oxford UP 2014)

“Blackstone’s Criminal Law: Common-Law Harmonization and Legislative Reform,” forthcoming in Markus Dubber, ed., Foundational Texts in Modern Criminal Law (Oxford UP 2014), 61-78

“The Third-Party Doctrine and the Third Person” (2013) 16 New Crim. L. Rev. 364-412

“Copyright Originality and Judicial Originality” (2013) 63 U. of Toronto L.J. 385-417

Awards, Affiliations, Personal Interests, etc.:
Associate Member, Graduate Faculty, Department of English, Univ. of Toronto
Associate Member, Graduate Faculty, Centre for Comparative Literature, Univ. of Toronto
Affiliated faculty, Book History and Print Culture program, Univ. of Toronto
District of Columbia Bar
Advisory Board, International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property
SSHRC Insight Grant, “From Author’s Right to Property Right,” 2012-15
Foundation for Legal Research Grant, “Judicial Originality and Copyright Originality,” 2012

Prof. Simon Stern