Logo & Heraldry

In 2018, Trinity College developed a new Brand Standards Guide with a refreshed logo to promote a consistent and unified brand voice across the College’s communications, marketing and support materials. The guide includes a collection of tools and visual elements available to create clear and consistent communications. 

Cover of new Trinity College Brand Standards Guide

Why does Trinity College need brand standards?

Over the years, various forms of the Trinity College logo were created ad hoc by members of the Trinity community for different uses and applications. At least 15 different versions of the official and unofficial “logo” and “shield” were being used (see image). There were also no guidelines in place regarding logo usage and standards.

In order to create a strong visual identity for our brand, the Trinity College logo was standardized so that there is only one official logo. The Trinity logo was not redesigned; rather the most commonly used official logo formats formed the basis for the refreshed logo.

As in previous versions, the Trinity logo honours our heraldry by showcasing the Trinity College shield (a primary element of the Trinity College Coat of Arms) and using the blue and gold colours from the Arms. The heraldry symbols of the College have not been changed.

The refreshed logo includes the same elements as previous versions of the official logo, but it has been updated with a contemporary presentation of the wordmark “Trinity College” to reflect the Trinity College of today. Positioned below the wordmark is the “University of Toronto,” which establishes the College’s long-standing connection to U of T.

The Trinity College shield is a highly valued aspect of the logo that embodies the school’s prolific history and heraldic connection. The Trinity community proudly identifies itself through the shield, which is the primary element of the Trinity College Coat of Arms. On the right half of the shield is a golden stag on a blue field (the arms associated with Bishop John Strachan’s family), while to the left, the crosier and key in saltire above the dove and below the royal crown are the arms of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. To see the two shields marshalled side by side in the Trinity arms associates the College closely with its founder and the Diocese of Toronto. The two elements of the logo (shield and wordmark) must always appear together.

Trinity College logo

2018 Trinity College logo includes the shield and wordmark

Previous versions of the Trinity College logo

Commonly used previous versions of the Trinity College logo


If you have further questions, please contact: Trinity College Communications & Public Affairs at communications@trinity.utoronto.ca or 416-978-4710.