The Corporation of Trinity College is a governance body comprised of more than 500 members of the College community, including elected students, alumni, and staff, the College’s fellows, and Anglican Church representatives.

The Corporation meets biannually in October and April and is chaired by the Chancellor. At each meeting, the Provost gives a general report on the state of the College, and the chairs of Trinity’s other governance bodies provide updates on their activities.

Corporation has the power to amend the Statutes, to designate honorary members of Corporation, to approve those recommended to receive honorary degrees or fellowships, to refer matters to the Board of Trustees or to the Senate, and to confirm regulations presented by those bodies. The Corporation appoints the Chancellor, the Provost, the Secretary of the College, a Public Orator, two Esquires Bedell, and the College auditors.

2020-2021 Schedule of Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Corporation meetings will be held via Zoom until such time as it is safe to welcome the Trinity College community back to the George Ignatieff Theatre.


If you have questions about the governance of Trinity College, please contact the Secretary of the College, Christopher Hogendoorn, at 416-978-3614 or