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Resources for Teaching Faculty

Below are some of the resources available to Trinity’s teaching faculty.

AV Support for the Theatre and Classrooms:

Teaching in the George Ignatieff Theatre

At this time, the George Ignatieff Theatre has been temporarily closed due to its proximity to the development site for the Lawson Centre for Sustainability.  It is anticipated to reopen fully, integrated with the new Lawson Centre for Sustainability, mid-2025.  More information will be provided closer to that time. Please contact events@trinity.utoronto.ca if you would like to discuss options for hosting an event at Trinity College.

Please see details related to the new Lawson Centre for Sustainability at the Construction Updates webpage.

Once we return to operation, we look forward to welcoming our professors to the theatre and we appreciate that you are taking the time to plan ahead with us.

Professors teaching in the theatre can expect the equivalent AV support of a U of T Junior Teaching Station, including access to the U of T Wireless network. However, because the theatre is also a lecture, conference and performance facility, professors are asked to complete an equipment request form and to meet with the theatre staff to test their connections. A GIT technician is on standby for immediate in-class support at the start of every lecture. If problems occur during class, please report them at 416-978-4166 ext. 1.

Please complete the Theatre Classroom Equipment Request Form to help us understand your class requirements.

If you are using a computer for the first time in our room, please arrange a meeting with us so that we can verify that your computer connections work with our projection system and so that we can identify an appropriate level for your sound playback.

A technician will be assigned to your class to turn on the equipment and test the connections with you daily. The technician does not stay during the class but will return at the end to turn off the equipment.

Please be aware that our staff wear many hats and are not dedicated solely to the classroom support needs of the GI Theatre. We really appreciate knowing in advance if you need to cancel a class, if you have a class that does not require technical support, or if you are inviting a guest speaker with needs that are different from your usual equipment request. Please know that we want to support you and most days someone will be on-site who can put a note on the door for your students in the event that you are ill or have to cancel class in an emergency.

We would appreciate it if you could please remind students of the usual house rules on the first day of class:

  • Please no food or drink other than water
  • Please keep rolling stock (bicycles and skateboards) out of the theatre
  • Please use the powerbar in the rear house centre for laptops and other items that need charging (cables that cross stairwells can cause folks to trip and fall)
  • During exams, please place books and coats onstage (rather than in the aisles where they become a trip hazard)

The Theatre Manager’s office is across the hall from the theatre. Please drop in to say hello throughout the term and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Click here to view frequently asked questions about the theatre facility, including seating capacity and accessibility.

Questions? Contact:
Dr. Sharon E. Reid
Theatre Manager
George Ignatieff Theatre

Audio Visual Equipment in Meeting Rooms and Classroom

Audio Visual Support for Professors in Classrooms at Trinity College, St. Hilda’s College and the Gerald Larkin Building

Trinity College has ten standard classrooms in its three buildings that are suitable for classes from 20 to 70 students. These classrooms can be viewed on the University of Toronto website for Academic and Campus Events.

All Trinity College standard classrooms are equipped with a projector with built-in speakers and a screen (equivalent to a U of T Junior Teaching Station).

Printed instructions are posted in every room to assist professors in managing their AV support needs.

Internet access (Wifi and LAN networks) are managed by U of T and accessed via UTORid. Trinity IT staff support the Trinity College standard classrooms but are not on standby for immediate or in-class support. Problems with the projectors or Lan jacks should be reported to itstaff@trinity.utoronto.ca.

Note: when not in use for classes, these rooms are available for external rental.

Questions? Contact:
Trinity College IT Staff



Academic Handbook

The Academic Handbook is intended to provide you with practical information about the College. We hope that you will find it useful and that, if you are new, it will help you to orient yourself at Trinity.