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Services & Events in the Chapel

Trinity College Chapel can be booked for celebrations and services when the Chapel is not in use for regular services and other events. The Chapel may consider booking requests for events, such as recitals and artistic performances that reflect the sanctity of the Chapel and the College’s values.

Priority for weddings in the Chapel is given to Trinity graduates and their family members. Wherever possible, the Chapel is made available for funerals and memorial services to members of the wider University of Toronto community, and to graduates and former staff of Trinity College.


As a ministry to the greater university community, Trinity College makes its chapel available for funerals and memorial services. The available times for use of the chapel are limited: funerals and memorial services are generally restricted to weekdays and Saturdays, based on availability. We do not charge for the rental of the facilities, but there is a fee paid to the musician, to the verger (the person responsible for setup and clean-up), and to the officiant. If you would like to plan a service for the Trinity College Chapel, please feel free to contact the Chaplain at chaplain@trinity.utoronto.ca or 416-978-3288.


As a rule, infants may be baptized in the Trinity College Chapel when their families have particularly close connections with the college or university (as in the case of current students for whom the chapel is their primary faith community). The sacrament of baptism is also available to adults within the college and university community, following a period of preparation and instruction. Please contact the Chaplain (chaplain@trinity.utoronto.ca or 416-978-3288) for more information.

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