Theatre Technical Information

As a versatile event space, the George Ignatieff Theatre has all the AV equipment and capabilities that you’ll need for a broad range of lectures, conferences, film screenings, dance recitals, music concerts, revues, fashion shows, and theatrical productions.   To get you started, here is a basic checklist of frequently asked questions by event planners:

  • Sound system (Wired and wireless Microphones, house or aux mixer, monitor speakers)
  • Lighting  (House plot and specials, Moving lights and Colour Changers, Gobos and Gel)
  • Projectors and Screens (Built-in or portable, what size of screen)
  • Video Cameras (Stage or Audience pick-up, how many, video camera controller, livestream options)
  • Computers (In-house computer or laptop connection, Audio and video connections)
  • Staging Equipment (Lectern, Tables, Chairs, Risers)
  • Backstage Support  (wired or wireless, backstage, dressing rooms, booth and theatre office)
  • Technicians (Camera, lighting, sound, projection)


What type of microphones are included?

The theatre has a selection of wired microphones that are included in a basic lecture/conference rental.  We use a Shure MX 412 gooseneck microphone as our lectern microphone.  Additionally, we have a number of Shure SM-58 Cardiod vocal microphones, with cable and stands to cover most panel discussions with audience Q & A sessions.

Do you have wireless microphones?

Yes. We have 4 Wireless Hand Held microphones and 10 lavelliere style microphones with belt-pack transmitters.   Additional fees apply.

Do you supply the batteries?

We use AA rechargeable batteries for all of our microphones and we make these batteries available to our clients at no charge.  You are welcome to provide your own batteries if you prefer to use non-rechargeable batteries for your event.  Each microphone requires 2 AA batteries.  Battery recycling is available at the University of Toronto.

What audio formats are supported?

Compact Disc (CD),  Digital Video Disc (DVD),  Computer.

I don't want to mix from inside the booth, what are my options?

There is a in-house “live” mix position at the center of the house, back row.



Does the theatre have a house lighting plot?

Yes. The basic house plot comprises 10 areas, with a warm and cool front wash and blue top wash. These areas can be blended with a 5-area warm front fill.  Additionally, there are LED colour cyc washes, controllable as right, centre, and left.  The basic wash is completed by 8 ellipsoidal spot lights with remote-controlled mirrors and colour changers.   Please contact the Theatre Manager for a copy of the Magic Sheet.

Are there lights available for specials?

Yes.  There are 10 ellipsoidals that can move around the theatre.  They are normally stored in the frequently used locations so that they need only be re-coloured and re-focused prior to being used.  Additionally, there are 10 S4-Parnells that can also be re-deployed.  

Can I strike and re-use all, or even part, of the instruments in the lighting plot for my own lighting design?

We do not recommend striking our basic plot.  If you do want to make substantial changes to the lighting plot, please make sure to discuss this with the Theatre Manager and your Producer in advance of the load-in day to ensure that there is sufficient time booked for hang, focus and reset.

How many dimmers does the theatre have?

A combination of 78 2.4kW dimmers, 8 power relays, and 2 DMX power supplies, allow us to control over 200 channels of conventional stage lighting, LED lighting, and DMX controlled devices. The stage lighting system uses dimmer doubling so that 36 conventional stage lights can be individually controlled by 18 dimmers and the relays allow us to control up to 8 LED fixtures with a single Relay. The house lights use 10 dimmers.



Where is the projection screen and what size is it?

The Draper Projection Screen is permanently mounted.  It is motorized and retracts into a ceiling pocket in front of the main drapes.  The screen is 20 ft wide X 15 feet tall.  It is controlled from the stage. 

I don't want to use the built-in projection screen, what are my options?

To maximize stage depth, some of our clients bring their own projection screen which they position in front of the black curtains.  Others open all of the curtains (main drape and black curtains) so that they can project onto the white cyclorama wall.


Backstage Support

Does the theatre have a backstage intercom?

Yes. The theatre has two intercom systems: a wired system that is made by ClearCom; and a wireless system that is made by HDM.

Does the theatre have audio/video feeds outside of the auditorium?

The theatre is able to connect to the Buttery (cafeteria adjacent to the theatre lobby) with both audio and video feeds. The theatre does not have an audio feed to the lobby.

What backstage areas are available for use?

The theatre has two dressing rooms: Dressing Room 1: chorus room, suitable for 6-8 people Dressing Room 2: individual, suitable for 2-3 people All dressing rooms are equipped with 2 sinks, toilet, and shower. The theatre has a Workroom area that can be used for emergency repairs and short-term storage. The theatre does not have a green room.

Is there program sound?

Yes. There is a program sound microphone in the auditorium that is connected to the Clear Com system. The audio signal is broadcast into speaker stations located in the booth, dressing room 1, dressing room 2, and the theatre office. The program sound microphone is not recommended for recording.