Weddings in the Chapel


The health, safety and well-being of our community members is a top priority. We continue to work closely with the University of Toronto to monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and to follow the advice and directives of government and public health authorities to slow the rate of transmission of COVID-19 in our community. Like the University of Toronto, all Trinity College buildings will continue to remain closed to members of the public and visitors. Only members of the university community who require access to Trinity buildings for instructional and work purposes can enter our buildings.  With that in mind we remain closed for photography permits, in-person external events (including wedding ceremonies) and conference services until further notice.

The status of our facilities may change as public health guidance is revised, for further information and updates please see Trinity’s COVID-19 Updates. As this continues to be an evolving situation, we thank you for your patience.


The Trinity College Chapel is a magnificent place to hold your wedding ceremony.  The Chapel is a consecrated church in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and an integral part of the College. There are, therefore, canonical laws as well as college regulations that govern worship services in this space.  Other spaces at Trinity, such as Strachan Hall and Seeley Hall, are also wonderful venues to host your ceremony or reception. These spaces are not subject to the regulations for Chapel ceremonies.

The following guidelines provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding wedding ceremonies in the Chapel.

Trinity’s Humphrys Chaplain encourages couples to connect with a specific priest or other minister in preparation for marriage, and can also make referrals if couples have not yet chosen an officiant.

Please also see Rules, Ceremony and Application Form for weddings in the Chapel.

  1. Inquiries about available dates and times can be made by contacting Event Services & Catering.
  2. A tentative date and time can be held for a period of two weeks pending receipt of your  Wedding-Chapel Application Form.  However, please note these are not confirmed reservations.
  3. To secure your reservation, following the application approval by the Chaplain’s office, submit your Chapel user fee (see below), to the Bursar’s office.
  4. Written confirmation of your reservation, along with a receipt for payment of the fee, is normally provided within two weeks.

Due to a high level of college activities and the serious risk of disruption of a wedding ceremony, we limit the number of weddings scheduled during the academic year from September through May.

Due to the number of requests for the Chapel, it is essential that each wedding start on time, in order not to inconvenience the next wedding party. These times are arranged with Event Services & Catering, not the Chaplain’s office, before you send in your application.  Wedding times are 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm subject to availability.

Chapel Rental Fee:

The Chapel rental fee of $1,500 + $195 HST (total $1,695) is payable with your application. This includes the fee for the organist and the Verger, but does not include the honorarium for the officiant (see Clergy Honorarium below). A receipt will be provided with a letter of confirmation from the chaplain’s office. In the event that you cancel after the booking has been confirmed, a $400 cancellation fee will be retained by the college. (GST/HST Registration No. R11926 9751.) 

Clergy Honorarium:

The clergy fee is arranged between the couple and the officiant. It is normally related to the amount of time spent with the officiating cleric, the number of sessions together, and associated costs for which the officiant or the chaplain’s office is responsible, e.g., service leaflets, travel, long-distance calls, etc. The fee range is between $300 and $450, depending on the factors outlined above; some officiants charge a set fee.


If you are holding your wedding or commitment ceremony at Trinity College, you will receive a Photography Permit for the day of your event. There is no additional cost for this Photography Permit. The Photography Permit provides access for photos to be taken in outdoor locations only (grounds only, not within the buildings); a permit does not guarantee exclusive access to the outdoor location. Interior shots are prohibited, except the Chapel and any other rooms booked as part of your rental arrangement. Click here for more information about photography at Trinity.

For inquiries, please contact:

Event Services & Catering
416-946-7422 (fax)

Location: Main level of the Trinity College Building, Office 102

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm