Notice. A minimum of 60 days’ notice is required to make a wedding reservation in Trinity College Chapel.

Priority Access. Priority for weddings will be given to Trinity graduates and their family members.

Officiants. The chaplain works in co-operation with the Anglican clergy at Trinity College and the ecumenical association of chaplains at the University of Toronto. If you would like to invite a visiting clergy person to officiate, he or she must communicate in writing to the chaplain a desire to do so. Visiting clergy, after having obtained the chaplain’s permission to officiate, may be licensed through their denominational authority. Anglican clergy from outside the Diocese of Toronto should contact the Bishop’s Office 416-363-6021, ext. 250.

Courtesy Access. Courtesy access will be extended to Christian clergy (i.e. ordained in a denomination associated with the Canadian Council of Churches, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, or with the Toronto Catholic Conference).

Access to Grounds. Photographs may be taken in the chapel or vicinity after the ceremony is over. While there is no charge for photography on college grounds (outdoor locations only; not within the buildings except the Chapel and any other rented space at the College), these are areas used by other individuals and groups at the college, and wedding parties cannot be given exclusive or priority access. Sites on the wider campus are under the jurisdiction of the Office for Space Management of the University of Toronto: 416-978-2187. The university charges for photography permits.

Receptions. Some of the college’s facilities (e.g., Seeley Hall, the Buttery) are often available for wedding receptions. Appropriate arrangements may be made through Event Services & Catering at 416-978-8680 or


Rules in Force (Canons). Persons married in the chapel all come under the marriage discipline of the Anglican Church of Canada, which requires:

  • taking a marriage preparation Course; and
  • arranging the ceremony as an act of worship with the character of sacrament.

Additional requirements are listed below:

  • Baptism. At least one of the partners in the proposed marriage must be a baptized Christian.
  • Preparation. Canon Law requires marriage preparation. You may do this by enrolling and completing a course such as “Getting Married” offered by Humancare. The Humancare Office is at 235 Orchard Heights Blvd, Aurora, ON L4G 5A2, 905-841-3173. You may also view the Humancare website at
  • Liturgy. Marriage rites used in the chapel are those authorized for use in the Anglican Church of Canada, or within the Christian denomination to which the officiant or the partners belong. Writing of personal marriage vows is not possible for Anglicans, and is strongly discouraged in other cases. Final judgement in these cases rests with the Humphrys Chaplain.
  • Rehearsal. A rehearsal, scheduled in discussion with Catering & Event Services, the Verger and the couple’s officiant, is required. The rehearsal generally takes place an evening or two before the wedding, and normally lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Registration. All marriages performed in the chapel must be registered in the chapel Marriage Register, as well as with provincial authorities. The Verger will place the Register on the desk in the vestry for the officiant.
  • Photography. We ask that the congregation not take photographs during the service, which is, first and foremost, a religious ceremony; this applies particularly to the exchange of vows. Please ask your officiant to announce this to your guests, and include a note to this effect in your order of service. Professional photographers may take non-flash photographs from a stationary position, to be arranged with the Verger before the service; videographers are also to shoot from a fixed position, to be determined in consultation with the Verger.


Licence. Remember to purchase your marriage licence at least one month before your wedding and complete and present it to the chaplain (or officiant). The couple is responsible for insuring that the marriage licence is brought to the rehearsal. No marriage will be performed without a current Ontario marriage licence in hand. The couple is responsible for obtaining the license (normally at City Hall one month before the wedding) and for meeting all its legal requirements. A licence becomes valid three days after issue, and remains valid for three months. There is no residency requirement in Ontario.

For inquiries, please contact:

Event Services & Catering
416-946-7422 (fax)

Location: Main level of the Trinity College Building, Office 102

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm