External Review

Trinity College External Review: Update

June 3, 2022

Earlier this year, Trinity College announced that it would undertake a College-specific external review which arose out of concerns regarding Andy Orchard, who was Provost from 2007 to 2013. The external review was led by Ms. Robyn White, who was available for individual confidential interviews, and Ms. Bonnie Goldberg, who conducted broader community consultations.

“Trinity College is committed to providing a safe and healthy campus community in which all members are treated with respect and dignity. No one should be subjected to sexual harassment or sexual violence,” said Professor Mayo Moran, Provost & Vice-Chancellor. “We are grateful to our external reviewers – Robyn White and Bonnie Goldberg – for their thorough work, and to our students, staff and faculty who engaged in the process and provided thoughtful feedback during community consultations.”

While there were no formal complaints to Trinity College regarding the former provost, one goal of the external review process was to provide pathways to support and resources for anyone who might require them. “Despite the passage of time we felt it was important to provide individual support to anyone who may have been affected and to connect them with the U of T Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre if necessary,” Provost Moran said. However, most of the engagement with the external review focused on the broader community consultations, which considered historical barriers to reporting, changes made at the College since 2013, and best practices regarding sexual violence.

“Although we have made many changes at the College since 2013, including a number of concrete steps to address issues of sexual violence, we know more needs to be done. Another important goal of the review was to identify areas for further improvement within Trinity’s jurisdiction and to frame recommendations on best practices for addressing sexual violence. We are glad to receive the final report and recommendations, which highlight the areas that require more attention and the additional resources required to affect change,” Provost Moran said. “We are committed to working together to strengthen our community, enhance our processes, and ensure that college culture is an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.”

The College has also been fully participating in the review of the University of Toronto Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment. The final U of T report and recommendations, and any resulting policy changes are expected to be released this fall. The College will provide updates to the community in the Provost’s community messages.

Report: Trinity College External Review Report and Recommendations by Bonnie Goldberg and Robyn White [PDF 158 KB]


Sexual violence resources for:

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University of Toronto and community resources:

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre serves all students, staff, and faculty at the University of Toronto who are affected by sexual violence and harassment.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault or harassment, 24/7 crisis support is also available from these community resources.

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