Archbishop Desmond Tutu Scholarship – Congratulations to Paige Souter

Posted: September 30, 2021

Chris Brittain, Carole Adriaans and Paige Souter stand with a poster of Archbishop Tutu

Congratulations to Paige Souter, the first recipient of the newly established Archbishop Desmond Tutu Scholarship. This award was established to honour Archbishop Tutu on the occasion of his 90th birthday. It is to be awarded annually to a Trinity College Faculty of Divinity Master of Divinity (MDiv) student who has demonstrated interest in causes related to humanitarianism, truth and reconciliation or climate change.

Photo (left to right): The Rev. Dr. Chris Brittain, Dean of Divinity and Margaret E. Fleck Chair in Anglican Studies; Carole Adriaans the Founder of the South African Women for Women & Zenzele Development Charity; and MDiv student Paige Souter, the 2021 recipient of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Scholarship.

Click here to read more about the new award that pays homage to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and celebrates his 90th birthday.


Letter from Archbishop TutuLetter from Archbishop Desmond Tutu (text copied below):

“Dear Friends,

I am truly bowled over with the wonderful news of the establishment of the Desmond Tutu Bursary in Divinity Studies at Trinity College at the University of Toronto. It is an immense pleasure to see my friends come together to give and to create something that will benefit young people. It is a generous act and I am deeply touched by it.

To every donor who supported the bursary, I want to say, in the spirit of Ubuntu, not only have you embraced our future generation with this educational gift, but you have also collectively taken action to give students hope and courage to affect change holistically.

Leah and I are very grateful for our friends in Canada and remember fondly how warmly we were received on every visit we made. We would have loved to be in attendance to celebrate with you my 90th birthday.

God bless all of you,

Archbishop Desmond Tutu.”