Congratulations to the Faculty of Divinity Class of 2020

Posted: May 12, 2020

Trinity College Faculty of Divinity: Virtual Convocation Ceremony 2020

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Message from the Provost: Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Dear Faculty of Divinity Graduates and Members of the Trinity Community:

If this was a normal year, tonight we would have gathered for Divinity Convocation 2020 in Strachan Hall to celebrate with our Faculty of Divinity graduates and their families, our honorary degree recipients, special guests, and members of the Trinity community. Alas, our new normal precludes us from being together to mark this special occasion; however, we certainly could not let this moment pass without honouring our graduates. So for the first time in the College’s history, we have recorded a virtual Faculty of Divinity Convocation 2020 ceremony, in the Trinity tradition, where degrees were conferred in absentia.

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Brittain, Dean of Divinity and Margaret E. Fleck Chair in Anglican Studies, shares this sentiment with our 18 Faculty of Divinity graduates: “Our students of the Class of 2020 are a remarkable group and a credit to Trinity College and the Toronto School of Theology. We are immensely proud of our graduates and we look forward to their many contributions to the church and wider society.”

To our Class of 2020: along with colleagues across TST, we will make sure you have the proper send-off to celebrate your graduation and accomplishments at the Faculty of Divinity Convocation 2021. We hope many of you will be able to join us then to honour both the Classes of 2020 and 2021. Until then, please join us in watching our 23-minute video (see above or via YouTube).

I want to sincerely thank all those who contributed to the video: Chancellor Bill Graham, Dean Chris Brittain, Registrar and Director of Student Services Nelson De Melo, members of the Faculty of Divinity, Archbishop Colin Johnson and Archbishop Mark MacDonald, who will now receive their honorary fellowship and degree, respectively, at next year’s Convocation.

On behalf of the College, congratulations to our Faculty of Divinity Class of 2020: Charles David Andrews, Adam Joseph Brown, Jennifer Margaret Galicinski, Paul Guirgis, Max Greening Harwood, Yuri Hladio, Thomas Kenton Hubschmid, Ralitza Kaneva, James William Noel Leatch, James Bruce Matheson, Peter Saunders Newell, Donovan Robert Price, Geoffrey Ready, Martha Anne Finlay Riddell, John J Terauds, Kyle Michael Bradley Wagner, Jullian Randolf Williams, and Yage Yu.

We are so proud of all of you, we look forward to where your journey takes you, and we warmly welcome you to our alumni community. Until we can meet again in person, I wish you and your loved ones the very best.

Yours truly,
Mayo Moran
Provost & Vice-Chancellor

Faculty of Divinity Class of 2020

This year, 18 Faculty of Divinity students graduated – among them, 16 received Master’s degrees and two received Doctoral degrees, which are awarded conjointly with the University of Toronto.

  • Charles David Andrews: Master of Theological Studies
  • Adam Joseph Brown: Master of Divinity
  • Jennifer Margaret Galicinski: Master of Divinity
  • Paul Guirgis: Master of Theological Studies
  • Max Greening Harwood: Master of Theological Studies
  • Yuri Hladio: Master of Divinity
  • Thomas Kenton Hubschmid: Master of Theological Studies
  • Ralitza Kaneva: Master of Theology
  • James William Noel Leatch: Master of Theological Studies
  • James Bruce Matheson: Master of Theological Studies
  • Peter Saunders Newell: Master of Divinity
  • Donovan Robert Price: Master of Divinity
  • Geoffrey Ready: Doctor of Ministry
  • Martha Anne Finlay Riddell: Master of Divinity
  • John J Terauds: Master of Divinity
  • Kyle Michael Bradley Wagner: Doctor of Ministry
  • Jullian Randolf Williams: Master of Divinity
  • Yage Yu: Master of Divinity

Archbishop Mark MacDonald and Archbishop Colin Johnson will also receive their honorary degree and fellowship, respectively, at the Faculty of Divinity Convocation in May 2021.

Congratulations to Trinity College Faculty of Divinity Class of 2020!

Virtual Convocation Ceremony 2020: Order of Proceedings

  • Nelson De Melo, Registrar & Director of Student Services, welcomes graduands, family, faculty, staff and friends to the virtual ceremony
  • Registrar presents candidates to Caput: Chancellor, Provost and members of the Faculty of Divinity
  • Provost Mayo Moran welcomes graduands and guests, and addresses the Convocation
  • Registrar presents the candidates for conjoint degrees to Chancellor William C. Graham; and the Chancellor confers the Conjoint Degrees in absentia
  • Prof. Christopher Brittain, Dean of Divinity and Margaret E. Fleck Chair in Anglican Studies, addresses the Convocation
  • Archbishop Colin Johnson, recipient of an Honorary Fellowship 2021, addresses the Convocation
  • Archbishop Mark MacDonald, recipient of a Doctor of Divinity 2021, addresses the Convocation
  • The Hon. William C. Graham, Chancellor, closes the ceremony

Trinity College thanks all those who contributed to this video.

Colin Johnson
Archbishop Colin Johnson, recipient of an Honorary Fellowship 2021

Archbishop Colin Johnson was consecrated suffragan bishop in 2003. He served as the area bishop of Trent-Durham until 2006. He was installed as the 11th Bishop of Toronto in 2004, elected Metropolitan (senior bishop) of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario in 2009, and became the Bishop of Moosonee in 2014. In 2018, Johnson stepped down as Metropolitan of Ontario and as Bishop of Moosonee. He retired as Bishop of Toronto on December 31, 2018. Archbishop Johnson is an alumnus of the College.


Archbishop Mark MacDonald, recipient of a Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) 2021

Mark MacDonaldAfter 10 years as the Bishop of Alaska, in 2007 Mark MacDonald became the Anglican Church of Canada’s first National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, a position that was changed to Archbishop in 2019. He is also serving as the North American President for the World Council of Churches.