Trinity College Research Examines Basic Income

Posted: September 12, 2017

Nishani Chankar and Leslie Boehm

Trinity student Nishani Chankar and Associate of the College Professor Leslie Boehm have collaborated on a research project that could impact Ontario’s upcoming decisions on basic income.

Nishani’s research project began as part of Professor Boehm’s TRN 377 and TRN 477 courses. These classes were launched at Trinity College thanks to the Anne Steacy Program in Science Writing, which was funded by a gift from alumna Dr. Anne Steacy (BA 1976 Trinity).

Just weeks after the pair decided Nishani would research basic income, the Ontario government announced their pilot project for 2017. “Suddenly, our work went from theoretical to practically applicable,” says Nishani. The duo met with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, and tailored the project to research data the government could use.

Ontario is currently one of the few jurisdictions with a basic income pilot program underway. As the province continues to consider the pair’s findings, Nishani and Professor Boehm are already in talks with the government of Prince Edward Island to share their research.

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(Photo by Jacklyn Atlas)